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    Frost Emperor's First Team

    Hi! Well, I'm new in this EV's training thing... but that doesn't mean that I'm bad. I have my experience. So... Here I go! 1.- I think entry hazards are great: Forretress, also he is a good Spinner 2.- Then maybe a Ghost-type, he can stop Rapid Spin: Golurk 3.- I want a sweeper: Excadrill...
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    Where Can I Find A Phione Egg?

    My question is this: Where can I get a Phione egg in Explorers of Sky? Because I want the special item that Phione gets by egg, please help me.
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    The Emperor Has Arrived...

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and I want to make friends, battle and trade Pokémon, so if you like Pokémon battles, don't be afraid and challenge me, I'm a intermediate trainer, but soon I will be the best!