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    Fifth/Sixth Move?

    Simply put, if pokemon could learn five or six moves instead of four, how would the game (and by extention, the meta-game) be different for you? I for one have several strategies that would benefit from a fifth/sixth move. What about everyone else?
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    Pokemon Dream Team?

    Title says it all. What is your Pokemon Dream Team? (This includes Dream Moves <Moves you WISH a pokemon could learn, but for whatever reason, it cant>, lv 100, max stats <with beneficial nature, of course>, the whole 9 yards.) A few ground rules: * No legendaries. Legendaries are for...
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    Newbie saying "Hi" plus trade info.

    Hello, everyone. Just registered here, and wanted to get some know-age. So...hi? Also, I'm a bit of a completionist, but I'm not quite sure how the trade forums work, so I'll just post my (current) trade info here. * Pokemon I "need" (dont have in the National Dex): Mew (lvl 5 and up), Porygon2...