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    Name Changes Thread - READ ENTIRE FIRST POST

    Current username: Valkyrion New username: Artemys42
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    Are you playing as the Male or Female character?

    I am using the male character.
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    Toughest Gym Leader

    Whitney always gave me a challenge with that Miltank of hers, but it really wasn't that hard on this new playthrough. I was prepared for her with a Butterfree. I put her Miltank to sleep and she was history. And Clair always was tough for me back then, but again my Butterfree helped me a lot by...
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    Favorite Spot to Train?

    I restarted the game a while ago, but before that I have always loved to train at Mt. Silver.
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    #647 Keldeo

    Looking for a Keldeo, preferably under level 50. I have many legendaries and shinies to offer. Pm me if interested.
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    #648 Meloetta Aria Forme / Pirouette Forme

    Looking to trade for dex data. Can offer Rare candies, Master balls, or we can agree to something else. Just pm me if interested.
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    Heya. Nice profile pic.

    Heya. Nice profile pic.
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    Heart Soul League

    Yeah, I am sorry this never went anywhere, I know how much you wanted to participate.
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    Heart Soul League

    Well, guys, most of the peeps who signed up are not active, and so I will probably close down the league. If an Administrator or Mod sees this, please close it until further notice. Sorry this never went anywhere, guess we didn't have time for a project such as this. :(
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    Heart Soul League

    Hm, it doesn't seem like this league will get anywhere. Sorry I've been away for quite a while, I've just been very busy. Several things can happen with this league. 1. Either someone who is more active than me can take over, because I really would love to be active but really can't find the...
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    Heart Soul League

    Because I made the league and made the first rules does not signify that I am the League's sole leader. No, the league is composed of all those who have joined it, and so yes, we can do that: get together and establish a firm set of battle rules.
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    Heart Soul League

    Um, so long as it is not a true classified uber, I have no problem, if it is, then you are done for. I really don't know the whole list of prohibited pokes, but if you do and it's not in there, you are free to use him/her. Also, talk to whoever you battle and if he/she is alright with it, you...
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    Heart Soul League

    You're no pain at all. Anyway, saw your siggy, I think I'll have to come up with a small banner or badge to represent the league. If I do, I'll post that soon.
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    Heart Soul League

    Alright, glad to hear that, Hunter. I updated the rules, hope that is what you are all looking for, if not, as stated, just contact me and let me know what must be added or removed. :P I'll add your name to the list once you are ready, for now I'll just keep you on hold. XD
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    Heart Soul League

    Well, about the rules, yes, I've noticed some of you want the rules changed, and I am willing to listen and change them, and so I will. I'll edit this post with the new rules, just give me a second to go over the old ones so that I can edit them...Check back if you don't see the rules posted...
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    Heart Soul League

    Hey guys/gals, I am back. Sorry I have been absent, I have been very busy lately and will continue to be through out this week. But fret not, for I will definitely have time to start the league. Before I post the first round matches, I'll need a list of those of you who are actually ready to do...
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    We'll get it to go very soon, but I wont be active this weekend, gotta head out, you know how it...

    We'll get it to go very soon, but I wont be active this weekend, gotta head out, you know how it is. :( But, once I return, we can kick the league off, in the meantime just continue to level up other pokes that you may want to use. As to the League Rules, yes, I will be changing some stuff and...
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    Heart Soul League

    You are correct, you only have to have one, though that certainly does not mean you cannot have others of the same type, you can, all three if you want. Just remember that we have to observe certain rules, like no having two of the same Pokés, no final (3rd) evolutions, unless of course the Poké...
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    Heart Soul League

    No, it's not too late. We agreed by pm that you would take the final Elite 4 spot, and so you have it. Welcome onboard, btw. Fire is available, so you can have it. I'll add you to the list soon as I post this up. Welcome onboard as well. (Btw, the final elite 4 spot was taken) Welcome to the...
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    Heart Soul League

    Okay, we'll see how good it turns out. For now, here is what I came up with in paint. As I said, I am not so good with graphics, so I hope these will do. I only made badges for the current gyms/elite 4. I know these badges suck, but I just wanted to get things started, in the future I might...