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    Wi-Fi OU team (beginner)

    So I created my first wi-fi team on my ds but it isn't perfct yet and since I'm quite the beginner. I'm looking for any improvments it can get. It's way better then my previous RMT i think but still not good enough! Also it's a a wi-fi team (standard OU rules) so I'm slightly limited in event...
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    Bouncy Pink & Hot-head red

    Well hello people! A short while ago I worked on my first OU team and posted it here on serebii. In the meanwhile it has changed quite allot, so much that it can be called a completely different team. Thats why I will now post another RMT thread hoping you guys can perfect it for me! This team...
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    Brains and muscle in a blender

    Well here I am with one of my first real OU tries. I started OU a long time ago, but before I settled with a team I descended to the fun Monotype tier to fool around with my mono Ice team. Now that X and Y are coming up, it's time for me to start playing OU again! But the cold isolation of...
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    The longest winter -monotype Ice team

    Well hello people. I am working on a Ice team for the Monotype tier, which is amazingly fun. And since I'm still quite the beginner, I would like some help on this! Abomasnow @ Leftovers Ability: Snow Warning EVs: 252 HP, 252 Def, 6 Sdef Nature: Relaxed (+Def, -Spe) -Toxic -Protect...
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    First OU team attempt

    Edits in Bold. Replaced arcanines morning sun for Cunch. Replaced Tyranitar with Cloyster I'm completlly new in competetive battling, and willing to get some feedback on a team I put together. Tested it a bit on PO, and works quite ok as my first team. Arcanine @ Life Orb Ability: Flash...
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    Well, here I go I guess. My name is Joey. I started to play pokemon on age of 5, and somewhat more serieus around Gen 4, but mostlly collection wise, and all legit (completing dex, getting some events, gettin shinies mostlly via trading). I also had some interest in competetive battling, learned...