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    Economy in Politics <read opening post>

    While several countries are suffering from the economical crisis, or for Europe the Euro-crisis you see that people solely vote for someone, or a political party for it's economical views. Now Keep in mind that this thread is NOT about discusing political views on how to deal with the...
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    Is it still worth to give money to 'third world' countries?

    First of all this is a discusion more based arround the 'western world' point of view, ofcourse you are all free to share your opinions and support those with facts no matter where your from. Should we still give money or other kind of charity to countries in the third world, most notable...
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    my Pokemon White team

    Hello this is my team: Flygon -EarthQuick -Dragon Claw -Crunch -Fly Hydreigon -Crunch -Dragon Pulse -FlameThrower -Focus Blast Galventula -Thunderbolt -Bug Buzz -Energy Ball -Thunder Wave Jellicent -Surf -Shadow Ball -Energy Ball -Psychic Chandelure...
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    my platinum team

    I'm not gonna do anything about iv's ev's and natures staraptor: -brave bird -return -close combat -fly ( need a flyer :p) garchomp -dragon claw -earthquack -crunch -fire fang rotom -thunderbolt -shadow ball -substitute -dark pulse roserade -petal dance -sludge bomb...
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    My ingame team against red

    well I have decide not to full restore - revive my way through him and actualy train my time above 70:P idc about natures and ev much and this is a team of pokemon I want to use they all have their specific reason I suck at item picking :X Staraptor -Aerial ace -Brave Bird -Close Combat...
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    my heart gold team

    well my previous file got corupted somehow :/ now I'm gonna make a new team: I was thinking of this btw have already a few of the pokemon not fully evolved though. I haven't thought of any items yet so if you people want to fill that in for me, thank you if you will :) Togekiss -...