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    moon stone

    Why is this item so damn hard to get? i'm having no luck in the underground, and non of the cleffa and clefairy i kill with the move thief give me the item. Is anyone else having this much trouble or is it just me?
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    BD - mon stone

    Hi, i'm just looking for just 1 moon stone. ( i don't care what pokemon holds it ) i don't have many pokemon or items, but i do have quite a lot of fire stones. so you could get 1 of mine for the moon stone.
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    shiny breeding determination ?

    when is an egg ''determined'' to be shiny ? i'm breeding with the shiny charm and masuda method. so i know it's like 1/512, but when is the egg determined to be shiny ? i hear from some people it's determined when you receive the egg from the old man ( near mauville ) or the little kid ( battle...
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    shiny odds

    hey there. i was wondering what the shiny odds were WITH the shiny charm AND using the mesuda method ? ( are they the same in gen 6, if so what were the odds back then again ? ) also does dexnav affect the odds in gen 6 ?
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    secret bases trainers

    Hi, i was wondering if anyone could help me with this question. I can't find the answer online so, i'd hope to get my answer here from you guys. My question is, if i invite a secret base trainer to be in my secret base, would they still battle in their original battle style or in mine ? Ex...
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    trading ( gen 6 )

    Hello, i have some pokemon that i can trade away. these pokemon were IV bred, so they either have 6 perfect IV's, or 5 ( but all 5 are to the pokemon's benefit ) there are 17 in total. there isn't much that i really, really want, except for these. - female, swablu ( or altaria ), caught in a...
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    Looking for an Arceus and Ditto

    hi, i was looking for a ( near ) perfect IV'd Ditto. ( that is from a NON-ENGLISH region ) ( now i don't care how you got this ) and i was looking for an Arceus. ( preferably Timid, with perfect speed and Sp. attack IV's ) but that is not a must.