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  1. Saberu

    Maxie Vs. Archie

    Some say they are the same. I say Maxie's dialogue makes Archie seem like an illiterate fool. Do you have a preference? Why? Is it what they say? Their appearance? Their goal?
  2. Saberu

    Loudred: "I don't have a big mouth!" // Amusing Moments in PMD (Possible Spoilers)

    What made you smile? What made you laugh? What made you double over, wheezing, until your mother brought over your inhaler? What made you wish you could take a screenshot? Was it professionally done or reeking of amateurs? Post it here!
  3. Saberu

    As you can tell, I really hate ice beams.

    I've just put together a dragon team and want to get some opinions. Conditions: Pokémon will not be replaced. I worked hard for these and trained some from almost nothing. I will not breed for natures and start over. HM moves can not be deleted, but can be rearranged I wish milotic can learn...