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    [RMXP] Pokemon: Imperial Sky

    INTRODUCTION "Pokémon: Imperial Sky" may look somewhat familiar to many of you, and this is because it is the reboot of the old Pokemon Helio Version! While much of the game is rather the same, many new places, people, plotlines, and Pokémon await you in this new, amazing, graphically...
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    ~ Hydration Station ~

    I'm sort of lazy right now. So...I'm just gonna post these sprites and maybe later I'll edit the thread to be beautiful. Tsutaaja, Mijumaru, Pokabu, Emonga, Munna. (This is the order I made them.) I also didnt transparentize them. And they're all one image. xD Look how lazy I can be.
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    Through the Blinding Blizzard

    This is my first ever piece of art in any art program such as Paint tool SAI, Photoshop, GIMP, etc. This was done in SAI, though. Whaddya think? My trial Period is over, so I can't change anything. But, I'll take everything into account for the next time I do art in SAI. :)
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    Helio Version Fakemon

    due to various reasons, I have taken down the pokedex on the front page and my most recent post. sorry.
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    Click Me Please!

    You've clicked! My plan worked! Boo-to-the-yah! Aqua is BACK! So, I've been spriting for some years now, and finally started my thread back up. I seem to keep wither forgetting about these things, or just being too lazy to post. But after close thought, I finally noticed why, I was too picky...
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    Movie/Actor Club

    Welcome all! This is meant to be pretty informal, cause I hate really formal things that make you feel stupid and stuff…so, yeah. Welcome! This is the Movie/Actor Club Thread you just so happened to click on (or, hopefully, purposefully clicked on). Um…where to first? Well, this thread...
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    \\\Pokemon Amethyst Pixel Project--PLEASE HELP!///

    Hello everyone, this game is over on PC and is being restarted by. I am helping and thought of spreading it over to here. I am helping out with this and need you all to help too. Think of it as a fun site project! AND PLEASE DO NOT SPAM A WHOLE LOT, I DON'T WANT THIS TO BE CLOSED OR DIE...
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    Aqua's Thread v.2

    I have finally come to make my thread-to-stay. This is my like third attempt and they usually die after a week or so. But that’s always my fault, seeing as I didn’t sprite as much as I do now. I mostly scratch. I have been spriting for over 3 years now and have gotten much better. But there’s...
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    THE TUMOR BOY - a play

    Well i guess this should be allowed in this area, right? Well this is pretty much self-explanitory. Read to figure out everything of course. THE TUMOR BOY CHARACTERS: Ryan (boy) Mother Dr. Reeves (doctor 1) Doctor 2 Doctor 3 Nurse Jennifer Billy Vending Machine Coffee Machine...
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    ~*Pokemon Zircon*~

    THE RALSTIC REGION 1. Rainore Town - starting town 2. Foamcoast Town - Professor Maple 3. Cancave City - Dale(Steel Gym) 1st 4. Crossroads Village - Crossroads 5. Mosshaven Town 6. Electry City - Cassidy(Electric Gym) 2nd 7. Seagate Plaza - Tye(Water Gym) 7th 8. Actrence Town - Acting...
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    ~*~Aqua's Sprite Thread~*~

    I've come to make one more sprite thread. My last one didn't exactly go well, i got unorganized on the front page and some sprites ended up getting lost and never to be found... But this one is my newly improved sprite thread. All of my OLD sprites won't be in here, just my newest ones and...
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    The Runics (Pg-13)

    I won't be updating this regularly because I've got a lot too do. But here's the first chapter. I hope you enjoy it. :) Chapter 1: The Mountains David pressed his back to the tree. He took in air quietly as he looked out the corner of his eye. The beast was heading toward him. He...
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    Animation trouble.

    Evertime I make an animation, I can see the previous layer during the whole thing. Can someone help me and tell me what I'm doing wrong?
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    I've been trying to animate some fo my sprites but can't figure out how. Can someone give me a decent explanation or tutorial on how to do it in GIMP 2?
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    Some fakemon

    I've been working for about a year now on scratch sprites, trying to figure out the right way to shade and what color goes where, etc. And I think I've finally got it. Tell me watcha think. Fusions: Animations: Fakemon: Scratches: Contest Entries: PixelArt:
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    How do I make images transparent?

    Does anyone know how to make an image transparent on Gimp 2?
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    Friend Code

    How do I figure out my friend code? I don't know what it is and I really want to know. Can someone help me? Please, it would be much appreciated.
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    My sprites...are they good?

    Okay, I am an ok spriter. Not too shabby though. I've got some compliments over the period of time I've been spriting (one year) but I think I'm still a newby. Splices: Marill/Wooper Pikachu/Marill (Pikablu) Mime Jr./Wingull Revamps: Stantler: Smoochum: Jolteon...