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  1. Cosmic Fury

    The Blazing Victory Trade Shop

    Welcome to the Blazing Victory Trade Shop! I'm returning to the trading scene after quite a long hiatus from both competitive Pokemon and event trading, As such you'll see mostly older events being offered here, until this collection begins to grow. At first, this shop is likely going to be a...
  2. Cosmic Fury

    Royal Pain (An Unusual OU Sun Team)

    Alright, so this team is in fact OU. And yes, this team will make you rip your hair out of your head, if you love standard sets. Forget the very concept of a standard set, because this team simply doesn't have much in the way of that. I'm all about thinking outside of the box, so you'll see a...
  3. Cosmic Fury

    [One-Shot] Braving the Storm

    Hmm, I stink at intros, so I'll keep it brief. I'm not sure you would call it as much a short story as you would an "extreme" form of free-verse poetry, due to the very nature of the piece. I wrote it a couple months ago for my clan, but I figured that at least someone else out there can find...
  4. Cosmic Fury

    The Tale of a Wanderer (PG-13/15)

    Now that the rating explanation is out of the way, I can get this show on the road with a proper introduction: This is a fanfic I've been working on for some time but rarely have the time to actually write and proofread. It's taken me a long time even at that to painstakingly write the chapters...
  5. Cosmic Fury

    Gimmicks Discussion Thread

    Seeing as there isn't one here (I don't really count the underrated threats thread as a gimmick thread), I figured that having a good thread for discussing some of the best gimmicks that you know, to be a pretty awesome thing. Please note that this thread is only meant to discuss successful or...
  6. Cosmic Fury

    Team SeaSoul

    The Sea… Bluish and Calm at times, Dark and Merciless at other times. It is the home of many beautiful, yet powerful creatures we all know as ‘Pokemon’. It might not be a living being, but it is very graceful. The Earth is adorned with its blue beauty. With its beautiful waves, we can watch...
  7. Cosmic Fury

    The Tale of a Wanderer (PG-15)

    Thanks for taking the time to swing by here to this small corner of the Fanfic forum to read my work. This is pretty much going to follow a bit of the game AND anime plots and stuff, and it does tie into them a bit. That being aside, I think the rating is in order, which is: That being...
  8. Cosmic Fury

    My Current Pokemon Online Team!!!

    Hello guys. I haven't posted a RMT in a long while, but here another one is, much better than the first. I've been endlessly testing this team on random people in the PO servers, and I think that it would only be good if I posted it here for some feedback as well... Tell me what you...
  9. Cosmic Fury

    The Shadow Lugia's Cave of Wonders

    Cosmic's Pokemon Mall! Hello folks. I'm pretty sure you're here to gape at the awesome shinies and events that are about to make their way back into this shop. Some will be the old familiar ones you're used to seeing, as well as quite a lot of new Shinies and Events that will be displayed in...
  10. Cosmic Fury

    Help needed building an epic team on Black

    I'm attempting to build the ultimate pokemon team, and I plan to have it all on my Black Version. I have a way to get almost every conceivable pokemon, period...when it comes to anything NOT legendary...I've got a team of several level 100 pokemon on Emerald (yes, I do have a legit way to...
  11. Cosmic Fury

    Emerald In-Game Team

    Currently, I have a team of seven level 100 pokemon in my Emerald right now...and I plan to battle one of my friends with them...And she happens to know precisely what to do with her pokemon. Thing is, most of them are vulnerable to ice-lightning-type moves, and as for half of them, I am not...