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    Orange is the New Black

    Netflix recently released their new show "Orange is the New Black" and it's become quite popular in the short time since it's release. So this thread for anyone interested to comment on the show, discuss favorite characters and moments, angst about waiting for season 2, etc. For anyone...
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    Harry Potter fairytales to be published.

    I'm surprised no one posted this already. Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/7535162.stm Personally, I'm pretty stoked to hear about this. It's no great surprise though, especially considering Quidditch Through the Ages and Magical Beasts and Where to Find Them were both...
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    France's final WWI veteran dies

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    The Showroom.

    I figured I post enough crap on here that it's about time I had just one thread. So here we go. I'm not going to be posting everything I ever do on here, so be sure to check out my deviantART- I update it fairly regularly, and with a lot more than just drawings. I also do webcomics about...
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    Play Dead v2

    Well.. I finally got around to coloring an earlier piece I did. As I stated on my DeviantART: I'm not quite satisfied with it, but it's done for now- which means I'll go back and fix some bothersome things later. For this coloring, I tried some new techniques, which I'm pleased with...
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    So I carved a pumpkin..

    Of course, I carved something Hellsing themed. You can't not do a Hellsing pumpkin. Or maybe it's just me. Schrödinger depicted here, as per usual. A little rough around the edges, but considering it's my first.. Comments? :)
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    Play Dead

    I haven't done any good traditional drawings in a long time- I finally finished a project tonight. Play Dead As per usual, it's a character from Hellsing. The Captain to be specific, caught him right as he's changing into a werewolf. =D Comments = good.
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    I'm in the middle of moving my webcomics to comic genesis from a rather inadequate livejournal site. I know I needed an FTP Client, so I downloaded FireFTP for Firefox, but for whatever reason I can't get it to work. I'm fairly sure I'm doing everything right, and I can't find any tutorials...
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    I enjoy making desktops for my personal use, and I figured I may as well show them off someplace other than deviantART. Newer ones are at the bottom: WRIST-CUT SHOW [Dir en grey theme] Under the Sun [Kaoru of Dir en grey] Second Electric [Technical Theatre themed] Dirty Jobs [This one...
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    Ohne Licht

    Ohne Licht *updated 8/9/07* Yes, more Hellsing art. Fan Artz here. 8D "Ohne Licht" is German for 'without light', unless I'm terribly mistaken. In this case, I'm basically saying this fellow is evil. Which.. he is, being a Nazi captain and all. He's also a werewolf, and a creep, thus my...
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    Tattoo Design

    Someone on another forum I frequent was talking about getting a tattoo of Alucard (of Hellsing). She came up with the idea, I drew it out: o snap. I'm not pleased with the roses at all, but they took long enough as is, so I'm not about to go re-vamp the whole thing. At least not now when I...
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    Harry Potter?! 8D

    Quite frankly, I'm surprised there isn't more HP fanart floating around, especially now. Oh wellz. No Spoilers, it's a simple drawing, and one that I drew before the seventh book. So, y'all are safe. Whee? Clicky. Comment! You know you want to. :]
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    The No Life King

    Some new Hellsing art. Because I'm awesome like that. The first I have is my own version of the fifth manga cover, seen here. I created a black on black version of the afore mentioned: No Life King, and a Desktop version of it. And, I made a wallpaper of an older piece: Bondagecard Desktop...
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    Captain Jack Sparrow

    Saw Pirates on Friday. Meh. I drew a picture of Johnny Depp when I got home, for practice and crap. It's pretty crude, but not bad considering I don't do a lot of real life. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/56654042/ Ugh. Yeah, you know what to do.
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    onoez, I make post!

    Been a while, and I have a couple coloured things. I was looking through my scraps and ran across this old one, and since I had nothing better to do I fiddled with it on PhotoShop. InuYasha's Tree. A major warning for the next one. I, personally, don't think it's bad at all. However...
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    Sunday Glory

    I'll admit, I'm very new to photography as I've only had my camera a week or so. At any rate, the sky was simply amazing this afternoon, and I think I managed a pretty great shot. Sunday Glory. Comments?
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    Feuer Frei!

    Been a while since I've posted any art. :/ Feuer Frei! Schrödinger from Hellsing. :) Decided I wanted to do black on black, this time I was smart and just used photoshop to color everything black. xD I ran out of marker last time. Feuer Frei means 'fire at will' in German. The original...
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    When you close your eyes...

    Wenn du dine augen schlißt... It's been a while since I've drawn Schrö. Poor little guy, feels good to be back. Anyway, no real motive to this. I had just watched 'Au revoir, les enfants' which takes place in WWII. I guess that just put me in the mood, so I put on Rammstein and went to...
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    Realistic Dir en grey

    The other day I drew a semi-realistic picture of Kaoru, the guitarist. And just today, I drew a [much better] drawing on Kyo, the lead singer. For Kaoru, I used charcoal pencils and.. my fingers, but I stuck to regular graphite pencils and a blending stump for Kyo. Comments would be great.
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    Dir en grey stuffs.

    mmyup. I guess it's about time I posted some of my latest stuff. Awkward. Pretty random, there's an explanation there on Deviant, because I'm too lazy to try and explain it again. :p Diru portrait. Just felt like drawing all of the band members. *shrug* And I have a couple of...