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  1. LegendaryRotom

    I'm Back From the Dead!

    Celebrate, forum! I command thee! Well, as always, if you follow me on deviantart this is essentially the same gallery. So, for you newcomers here, enjoy my art and please keep your hands away from the Cresselia. (: Cressi lol glare. It was Darkrai! Oh no. This is not pokemon...
  2. LegendaryRotom

    'Like I Really Enjoy being OHKO'ed This Much. ):

    Hey, there. I need a bit a tweaking for my team. I basically keep getting hit with OHKO's or 2HKO's. There's no fun, no contest. I'm getting really tired of it. Just tell me what the heck I'm doing wrong here. (: _________________________________________ Moog (Mawile) @ Choice...
  3. LegendaryRotom

    Gather 'Round For Some L.Rotom Art

    Welcome, friends, to the artistic prison cell of L.Rotom. Where Rotom run amok, Heatran are the dominant legendary, and atmospheric phenomena are a daily occurance. Yay, I've always wanted to start an art thread like that. (: So, I've been doing a lot of "manga" style stuff lately...
  4. LegendaryRotom

    We're Still an Artistic Phenomenon

    Yeah, I wish. __________________________________________ This was a request from a while ago. From old thread, but it was the last thing I uploaded before it commited suicide. eh, from my last thread, but I doubt anyone really saw it. I know my art fails. Don't...
  5. LegendaryRotom

    Rotom learns to draw!

    Welcome to the L.Rotom gallery because nothing is better than screaming Heatrans,Bundles of loving Rotoms,Twilight-flavored Cresselia's,and Death the Giratina. I update regularly,pretty much. 'Character is female,by the way. ^__^ I might update,but,since I haven't any...
  6. LegendaryRotom

    More LegendaryRotom Art

    Well...well...here we are again...^_^ Welcome back to my little black and white world I have here.'Hope you enjoy!Comments are appreciated! I also update frequently and take requests. Shakoblad~ my scanner hates me (Pokemon?) SELF-PORTRAIT Heatran Gizmolt loves you! ^_^...
  7. LegendaryRotom

    Rotom's NEWEST and BEST art!

    I have some new stuff!As always,I stress the fact that I use charcoal and graphite and avoid color as much as possible.(So,no bugging me about "this would look better in color.'kay? ^_^) ~Okay,not 'best' but it is 'newest'.~ "To Go Down In Glory" BAD SCANNER!BAD BAD SCANNER!.This was a...
  8. LegendaryRotom

    Rotom's Entire Gallery

    Welcome to my Gallery! I've given up and decided to just put it all in one place.^_^ I will try to update regularly with any noteworthy pokemon art I draw/paint/sketch...ect. Please keep in mind that I rarely color,and my scanner is total piece of junk.XD 'Hope all the images come up...
  9. LegendaryRotom

    Defective-a sample chapter from "Legendary"

    This is my first time posting a story.Ever.Should I post more?^_^ It's a chapter from my own pokemon story,about my team and the stories behind how I obtained them,-"Legendary".This is the original account of finding and catching my 'defective' Rotom,Shvoltz.If you think it's good I could...
  10. LegendaryRotom

    LegendaryRotom's new art!

    Welcome!All of the artwork here is completely hand-drawn and meant to be left uncolored.(Most of it is in charcoal, graphite,or pastel chalk) I apreciate all comments,so tell me what you think!...I took out the picture of Bayleef since I really didn't like how it turned out... I'll also...
  11. LegendaryRotom

    The five new Rotom forms!

    Original form Tool form-based on a weed whacker,but I was thinking about a "lawn mower". Digital form-based on a camera! Appliance form-based on a toaster! Metropolis form-based on a city!(But,I don't like it at all.) Music form-based on an iPod! The actual picture is...
  12. LegendaryRotom

    Some funny Pokemon/PotO artwork

    Our main characters...Kricketune as Christine,Rotom as Nadir,Gallade as Raoul,and Darkrai as Erik. Unmasked!A critical-hit!It's super effective!One-hit KO!~Sorry about the size of the next two. Last,but not least....Erik and Nadir during the emotional breakdown at the end of the book! I...
  13. LegendaryRotom

    Winged Darkrai (Charcoal)

    If Darkrai ever gets a sky forme,I hope it has real (REAL) wings. No wing-shaped projections,no hand-like glider ears,just WINGS. Like an angel. Because,Darkrai reminds me of Erik. Which is the exact reason I drew this. Doesn't he look beautiful with wings? Tell me what you think!^_^
  14. LegendaryRotom

    Charcoal Rotom and Mesprit

    Rotom displays slight traces of insanity here...>-< Anyway,it's my first time using charcoal.(Of course,I used graphite to sketch it)The Mesprit came out better since I drew her second, after I got the feeling of how charcoal works...I like the look of her Team Galactic tattoo. Experimental...
  15. LegendaryRotom

    Gizmolt and some ghost-types

    The image is bigger than it should be. Gizmolt was created by me,he's obviously not a real pokemon.^_^Please tell me if you like his design! He would be a Fire/Ghost-type,the counterpart to Rotom.
  16. LegendaryRotom

    Giratina,Cresselia,and Lucario's creation...

    "According to ancient Sinnoh legend,Lucario was the result of the fusing of two mythologic beasts. Cresselia,bringer of life and hope....Giratina,god of blackness and death...Giratina unwrapped his body,throwing to the bloodied bands to the ground,Cersselia shed her shimmering tears.As the two...
  17. LegendaryRotom


    It's a picture of Heatran.Yeah.Go Heatran. Hope you like it.^-^~~~my scanner didn't.(that's why the colors look so light.)
  18. LegendaryRotom

    Can't get to Rayquaza...

    I'm having a tough time defeating the sky tower.Any advice is appreciated. I started as a Cubone,now on level 31.My partner is a Chikorita also on level 31.The next strongest pokemon I have are a level 27 Zangoose and the Absol. I'v tried loading up on Oran berries,Reviver seeds,and bands,but...
  19. LegendaryRotom

    Help/rate my PBR team.

    I need some help with my team for PBR,which I am getting for Christmas...so here's my team so far,any help is greatly appreciated especially with the Torkoal.He just made it to lv.100,so he still has most of his in-game moves. Drifblim lv.100-Lax Incense Fly Double Team Shadow Ball...
  20. LegendaryRotom

    Bug-Type Legendary

    Of course...not only is this my first time posting art,it is also my first time starting a thread... We need a Bug-type legendary.Really,we do.It would open up so many new ways to defeat Darkrai,Azelf,Mewtwo,Deoxys,and Cresselia.I'd imagine low defensive stats,but attack and speed on the high...