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    Leafreon3809's freezing art shop V.2

    Welcome to my second shop. I hope this one is better. Anyway have fun requesting all the stuff of sprites you want. Rules+ 1.Please follow all serebii rules and art shop rules. 2.DON'T DOUBLE POST 3.Don't flame or spam here. 4.Follow forms. This is why I close down my first shop. 5.If...
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    Leafreon's amazing sprites

    Welcome to my sprite thread. There are two rules to follow. 1. Follow all serebii rules. 2. Don't say something someone already said. Here are a few of my sprites. Vaporeon Numel Shadow Rotom
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    Who is the best ice pokemon?

    Who is the best ice pokemon.Mine is Glaceon. I love glaceon!
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    Shadow pokemon contest (approve by Sweet May)

    O.k. So here's the type of contest it is. Rules- 1. It will change every week 2. It is only a re-type pokemon contest 3. No more then ten entries per contest 4. Don't post an image more than once unless you need to change something 5. And have fun O.k. here's the thing. If you look at...
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    Leafreon3809 Grassy sprite shop

    O.k. Welcome to the grassy shop. The shop is closed! Rules: 1. Obey the thread posting and serebii's rules. 2. You can only request 3 times a day but for all of the post each day you can have 87 request per person. 3. Anybody who wants to work here must pm me at least 3 of there best sprites...
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    Extra! Extra! Spriters contest.

    Here is my sprites contest. O.k. Here's what your going to be doing. Theme: chaos Medium: Re-type Here's what your going to do. Your going to choose a chaos pokemon then your going to re-type it the weakness of the pokemon and post it here.