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    Monotype Water Team

    Here is my monotype team, I haven't decided on Items, natures and Ev's yet so help with those are appreciated ^_^ thanks. Lapras Water Absorb Moves: Hydro Pump Dragon Pulse Ice Beam Psychic Omastar Swift Swim (No choice on this one) Modest Moves: Toxic Spikes Stealth Rock Earth...
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    RAIN TEAM VS. SUN TEAM! A double rate thread ^_^ !~!~!

    Hello again ^_^. I will now present to you two teams I have. A sun team and a rain team. Basically I'd like to know pro's & con's of each, ways to improve and most importantly which team you think would win. ****Please note, they're both teams form the NU tier so please don't suggest "Use...
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    Black 2/White 2 Team :D

    Here is my team for my BW2 Play through. Please give me any tips :) Arcanine @Air Balloon Nature Jolly, Ability Flash Fire EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spe, 4HP -Morning Sun -Wild Charge -Close Combat -Flare Blitz Sceptile @Lum Berry Nature Jolly, Ability Overgrow 252 Atk l 252 Speed l 4 HP • Leaf...
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    Little Cup Rain Team ^_^

    I need some advice on my Little Cup Rain team like Pokemon I should use instead moves items etc. All the spaces with two options separated by the word 'OR' I need help with deciding. Thanks Surskit @ Evolite Ability: Rain Dish Moves: Signal Beam Hydro Pump Rain Dance Shadow Ball Ev's: 248 Speed...
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    Squidtastic and Leaftastic Emporium ~ 36squid and AwakeningLeafIcarus' Trade shop!

    ~And a big credit to Eeveelover 824 for this amazing banner *_* Hey Hey! Welcome to my joint trade shop, I'm Alex/Squid. We're all here to have fun remember so yeah, you should probably do that. Anyway have fun here and hopefully you will find something you like. RULES! 1. Follow all...