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    I'm surprised nobody's mentioned it yet.

    MEGAMAN LEGENDS 3 PEOPLE! Perhaps Trigger will finally get off the damn moon.
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    Ash would make a great politician.

    Think about it. His constant sidequests have given him so many connections it's not even funny. He's on good terms with most/all gym leaders (or at least more than a simple challenger), met and intrigued a lot of E4 members, worked with some esteemed professors, got the respect of the...
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    Closed Thread Poll

    Yeah, I know Profesco meant it as a joke, but that poll has been bugging me. So vote. Make up your own question if you need to, but the choices are closed.
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    Do you prefer the story or post-game?

    Just a random question really. Do you prefer the story part of the game (AKA the part before you become champion), or the post-game segments (AKA the parts after you become champion). Note for HG/SS post-game would count as after you beat Red.
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    Anyone else find this weird?

    As everyone knows, if you walk into a trainer's line of sight they walk up to you, say a line, and challenge you to a battle. Most trainer lines reflect the fact that they're challenging you. Some on the other hand, are just awkward. Like the girl who walks up to you from half the screen...
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    Are you good at cooking/baking?

    Exactly what the thread title says. I can cook anything that has instructions, but I can't bake for my life. Still can't make cookies without turning them into a slab...
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    Ah yes, berries. Introduced in the 2nd generation, and expanded to obscene levels in the 3rd. There are a lot of possible things to talk about, like how they work the way they do (with the EV decreasing berries being especially interesting), what do some of those descriptions mean (Ganlon...
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    Looking at how the current generation is now, I have an odd question. What the hell is going to be our nostalgia (I have no idea how to phrase that)? Randomly shouting out one liners? Trolling? Serious Business? Attaching random clips together and making a video? The Game? As far as I...
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    Megaman 10 is out.

    Anyone get it yet? I personally don't have enough Wii points. What little music uploaded on Youtube is good though.
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    So, what are the odds?

    So Tales of Graces has been released in Japan, and the question is if it'll get released in America (I'm saying America because, well, I'm sure everybody in the rest of the world knows how these things usually go) First off, sales. On the first day, Tales of Graces sold less then Tales of...
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    New Year Resolutions

    I guess this belongs here.. Anyway, to put it simple, what do you intend to do in terms of Pokemon in 2010? I intend to purchase an English copy of Heart Gold and clear it. That, and to maybe actually get good at competitive battling.
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    Random Encounters v2

    Alright, since my last version of this had poll choices that were far, far, far too vague, I'm remaking this. Now, to copy and paste the original post...
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    They're not kidding about Nintendium.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBeTXPaewMo This may be an old video, but damn.
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    How cruel are you?

    http://www.addictinggames.com/interactivebuddy.html What will you do to this guy? Personally, I'm currently forcing him into the center with a gravity shifter and using the stun gun, basically repeatedly tasering him. I'm going to hell, I know.
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    How would you respond if you were in a commercial?

    Crazy stuff happens in commercials. How do you think you would respond to some of them? For example, this sprite commercial shows what real people would do if a mascot suddenly came to life.
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    Why do so many people fail to understand this?

    "Ash is an idiot because he didn't catch this Legendary when he had a chance" "Pikachu should be level 100 by now yet it still loses" "*Insert Pokemon* can't do that in the real game" "Ash is an idiot for leaving his pokemon behind." I've seen these statements and more in almost every...
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    Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star (SPOILERS)

    http://i45.*******.com/34jdrt0.jpghttp://i50.*******.com/2a91uza.jpghttp://i48.*******.com/2s7gbrr.jpghttp://i48.*******.com/8voz7b.jpghttp://i50.*******.com/i6fdys.jpg Pictures from MM Network. Well, the game's come out and it's just the original game. It's been called the "plus alpha"...
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    A nice little article to read.

    http://www.penny-arcade.com/2007/07/23/pokemon/ Opinions?
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    Wait, how the **** does that work?

    EDIT: Anyway, to give this topic a purpose since my question has been answered, and since the last thread died (it was only for RPG plots anyways) post video game plots that just didn't make sense to you. You can post just about anything, as in this case "Rule of Cool" and "It's *insert...
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    The irony.

    This is an April Fool's article from Gamespot back from 2006. It also should be noted that there are 7 pages of comments stating why the article could never become truth. Oh the irony.