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  1. Drake Pokétrainer

    Pokédex Completion trades

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for the version exclusives from let's go Eevee (since I have the Pikachu version) as well as people to help out with trade evolutions for my living dex. Mons I'm specifically looking for: - Ekans x1 - Alolan Vulpix x1 - Meowth x2 - Alolan Meowth x2 All trade evolutions...
  2. Drake Pokétrainer

    What's your current mood?

    Well the old one kinda died so I remade it. Just post how you're feeling at the moment and why. Anyways, I feel sick because I ate too much spicy chips and drank too much.
  3. Drake Pokétrainer

    The new Post You're Desktop Thread

    The new Post Your Desktop Thread This was approved by Profesco :D Well the old thread died, so I decided to make a new one. This thread is to show how stylish, awesome, weird, insane or whatever your desktop is. To post an image of it: 1) Just press print screen (prt sc), paste it...
  4. Drake Pokétrainer

    Forum skin glitch or something

    Ok, I've posted in the tech help, but didn't get really helpfull answers. And I guess it also belongs here because it's about SPPf. I was tired of the current forum skin and tried to change it. But everytime I go to another page on SPPf, it reverts back to my previous one. This problem seems...
  5. Drake Pokétrainer

    Forum skin problem.

    Ok, I was tired of the forum skin I'm currently using and decided to change it. But everytime I acces another page, it reverts back to my previous one. Does anyone have an idea how to fix it? I've tried to log out and in and I've deleted my cookies but it didn't help. Thanks in advance.
  6. Drake Pokétrainer

    Question about Spore.

    Hi guys, recently my laptop crashed and I was unable to save my Spore file. However I stil have the file "My Spore creations". So is it possible to put my creations from the previous data back in the game when I re-instal it or do I have to make everything back from scratch? I wasn't sure if...
  7. Drake Pokétrainer

    What should I do?

    Okay,I restarted XD in order to get UT XD pokémon. I'm approaching the battle with Greevil but how should I catch the shadows after that? With Master Balls who save me a lot of time but if I do some people wouldn't want to trade something for it. Or with normal balls? What would you do? (If...
  8. Drake Pokétrainer

    Rate my team.

    I'm more a collector than a battler but I just wanted to see what people think of my team and maybe I get some advise. I don't EV train cause I'm too lazy to do it. Ok here is my team Armaldo@scope lens -Brick Break -Earthquake -X-Scissor -Aerial Ace Feraligatr@mystic water -Blizzard...
  9. Drake Pokétrainer

    Question about manaphy

    I dont know if this thread is in the right place but there is no special place to discuss pokémon ranger so I post it here. On serebii.net you get a code to activate the manaphy mission. But when i input the code it says "incorrect code please touch the touch screen to continiou". So my quistion...
  10. Drake Pokétrainer

    Items and Pal Park

    I was wondering if you transfer a pokémon to p/d with pal park if that pokémon still keep the item thats attached to it. i hope so caus i made huge amounts of master balls to transfer