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    Been a long time...

    Been over a year since I was last here. Anything new and interesting been going on?
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    ASB Pokemon Battle Teaser / Advice (Title/Rating Pending)

    Hope I'm doing this right. Ok, so I'm new to the whole creative writing thing. I've done a little bit of amateur scripting for friend's projects and stuff but nothing more. This is my first attempt at something 'bigger'. Considering what I am doing at uni I need to start to develop my ability...
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    Violet Assasins

    Violet Assasins Espeon: "By reading air currents, it can predict things such as weather or its foes next move. Mission: With this clan I am looking to do something a bit different. I hope to get a couple of experienced battler friends of mine and make something of a teaching environment...
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    Pokemon Tactics - The Return

    Ok so this was a great game that kinda died in the fouth season many months ago. I left Serebii but now I am back and so is this game. This game encourages creative thinking and intuition. It's a fusion of scribblenaughts, anime style contests and pokemon battling. The game will start with...
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    What a year! My Tentative Return

    My Tentative Return And tada, I'm back. I'm looking around I recognise hardly any of you. But anyway I am back. I left to pursue cometitive Pokemon and now that I am looking towards retiring I decided that coming back to the less intense and more social ambience here would be a nicer place...
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    Standard 7v2 Simple Mafia

    There are alot of different way to play mafia. Some are rather trivial with people getting roles and everything is spoonfed to them. But what happens when there are few roles and longer phases where people can actually take the time to discuss and argue? It becomes a much more skillful game. One...
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    First Little Cup Team - Rain Dance

    Ok so I wanted to try my hand at creating a Little Cup team. I think I may have made some mistakes with the EVs coz they are hell to work out. Anyway here is the team. Voltorb @ Damp Rock Soundproof Naive 36 HP / 204 Att / Def 28 / Spe 220 / SpA 20 Protect Rain Dance Explosion Thunder...
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    My OU Uber Team

    My best friend is a Pokemon player but he thinks his Uber team is epic and brilliant but tbh it is KRAP!!! So I hatched an idea. He loves his Ubers because he thinks they can only be beaten by other Ubers so I am planning to smack him with an OU team that will beat him by actually being smart...
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    Ultimate Team V2.2

    The concept for this game goes to Weakling. Not fongerman, not lbsweet96, not dittoman97, not pokemon-expert-chris, and not me. Full credit to Weakling. Sorry for going against what you wanted, but we couldn't just let such an awesome game die. Now that that's over with, welcome to Pokemon...
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    Pokemon Tactics: Season 4

    Co-owner: ray2020 As my High School stint ends I am moving on to the next stage in my life. One were I have time to do this again. So bring on season 4. For those who are unfamiliar to Pokemon Tactics, the main idea is this. Pokemon compete in numerous challenges from battling, contests...
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    Battling: The be all and end all?

    Something occured to me the other day. Why are Pokemon battles soooo important. Take the Sliph.co building in the original games. Why would Giovanni stop after being beaten by your pokemon, couldn't he just tie you up and plop you on the couch even after being beaten. Thats the thing I dont...
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    Help on choosing what to watch

    During yr 8 Japanese my class watch a few anime shows (in english with the japanese subtitles on) and afterwards I said I would one day watch more anime. That day has come now that I am finishing school and will have a bit more time on my hands. The problem is that when I had a go at browsing I...
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    Battle Tower team

    Ok here is my team that I am planning at the moment. Scizor @ Custap Berry Adaptability 252 Def - 252 Sp. Def - Speed 4 Baton Pass Roost Swords Dance Bullet Punch Tyranitar @ Choice Scarf Sand Stream 252 Att - 252 Speed - 4 HP Earthquake Stone Edge Crunch Surf Nidoking @...
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    Pokemon Word Guess V.2.0

    Co-owners: Brandyjay Shadow Eeveelution We want to restart this thread with a couple of changes to make it a bit better. The rules are still the same. Players try to guess the pokemon given a certain amount of spaces so if it was (_ _ _ _ _) you might guess say, numel. Points are awarded...
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    Coolest Moves

    I was playing today and when my Misdreavus used shadow ball I said to myself "Woah, I forgot how cool that looked." Some other moves I like are Hyper Beam, the sparks look awesome. Iron tail when a fire pokemon uses it because the flames on their bodies still stay red. And psybeam, pretty...
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    Music Memories

    This game is simple. It is a sort of word relation game I play at school. In it the person above you will say a word, any word and you need to come up with lyrics that the word reminds you of, then quote that song. For example: the person above me might say police car. I could then say...
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    The Mystery of The Elites

    The Mystery of The Elites History: When the world of Luseryth was created the Gods were in shock. Ryfil was not yet trained in the art of world creating and so naturally the other gods were worried at the fate of such a world. Their nervousness was not without cause. In the past, worlds...
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    Trust and Numbers game

    A game I used to play in drama chnged slightly to fit the forums. People take it in turns to add one to the number that the previous person writes. The catch is that if people post at the same time as each other and therefore have the same number, the total goes back to zero. (If you try to...
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    Pokemon Tactics: Season Three

    This is the third installment of the tactics series. This is a thinking sign-up game where you must complete objectives with your chosen pokemon. There are all manner of challenges ranging from battles, races, obsticle courses and much more. An simple example would be you have to get past some...
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    Pokeball From Where

    Just wondering what peoples opinions are on where the pokeballs come from when eggs hatch. The obvious answer is that they come from the trainer but when you hatch an egg it doesn't take away from the stock in your bag, nor does it cost you money. Any ideas?