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    Oldie but goodie

    It seems appropriate that if I may be coming back I should make a thread. I thought I should come back to relive some beautiful moments on these forums with some really good people. I know not all of you are here, but hey, what can you do? If I dont stay, dont worry, I always find my way home...
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    I am not back!

    Alright guys, hello to you! I just dropped by, and I will not be active again, due to some problems with some members. I may drop in once and a while to say Hi, but dont expect me to be here all hours of the day talking all the time. First, I would like to say thank you for all the birthday...
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    Your annoyance of the day =(

    Did anything annoy you today? Be specific and keep them appropriate. Mine today was that my brother didnt get me a VIP pass to Batman, so now I cant go on opening night.
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    Your Smile of the Day =)

    Has anything made you smile today? What is it? Be specific in your answers and keep them appropriate!
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    War~ Mythical Magesties VS. The Moonlight Heroes

    VS. Rules The tier is BW OU No trolling, flaming, or spamming the thread Only follow your matchups Only members of the 2 clans may post, none from any other clan, or clanless. The victors name will be in bold Both participants must confirm the battle, unless aesofted, which is proof...
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    Joe Paterno will have died imminently

    Yes, Joe Pa, former head coach of Penn State, died, at the age of 85, of lung cancer. The coach had been involved in the Jerry Sandusky case, and now has left the world. R.I.P Joe Paterno
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    Censoring the internet???

    Yep, thats what is happening. Google and Wikipedia are trying to fight censoring the web. Explain your thoughts here!
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    Siri (Iphone 4S)

    Ok, so if you dont know already, Siri is a sassy assistant on the Iphone 4S. This gained attention for the funny things you can say and get replies You: Siri, I need to bury a body Siri: What kind of place are you looking for? Resovoirs, dumps, etc. And more. What do you know about it?
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    Chili/Shichimi Fan Club!

    Introduction Hey guys, chellochello here. This is the fan club for no other than Chili, the fire type waiter brother in the Best Wishes series. I first became enthrobbed in Chili when I learned that there were 3 brothers instead of just Cress and Cilan. I felt that Chili needed some fame, am I...
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    Hamster Archiver?

    Right now I use hamster archiver, and I cant get fonts and brushes into GIMP. Is there any better programs or help I can get with HA to do this? Any help is appreciated.
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    Those Childish Things II!

    Well, if you werent around for the old thread, now is your chance. Is there anything immature that you do, even though someone your age is to old to be doing it? If so, what is it?
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    Whisper Down the Lane (Serebii Style)

    Ok, when we were abput 4 we all played whisper down the lane. A CLASSIC game, often construed of misconception of one other persons words. Well, now its time to do it on serebii! Now, I know your thinking "We can win if we all just read" but you have to change a letter with every post, or...
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    Words With Friends

    Now, it started with Alec Baldwin getting kicked off a plane for playing this while getting ready for take-off. But now, words with friends has become a phenomenon. Have you ever played it? Is it fun? I am playing it right now actually =)
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    Pokemon In Your Country

    Is it popular? Is it hard to get your pokemon paraphanelia? What is pokemons representation where YOU live?
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    The Kindle!

    Ok,s o im saving up for a kindle (the regular one) and I have just one question. Does it have apps? Such as, angry birds?
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    Chellochello Swagger Shop

    Welcome to the Chellochello Sig Swagger Shop! Feel free to make yourself comfortable. We are currently: Waiting List Chellochello's Waiting List: - - - - - 00swms Waiting List -Chellochello -CaptainGarchomp - - SilverwindStudio's Waiting List: -Pika Ruler -...
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    Little Cup Tournament

    Welcome ALL to this wonderful Little Cup Tournament! I am Chellochello, and I will be the host for all things tourney. There are some basic rules to both the tourney and the little cup Rules: Little Cup Rules Tourney Rules Respect the LC rules Get your battles done Post your battle results...
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    Happy Birthday to YOU!

    So, when is your birthday and what are you doing? Mine was today, we got takeout and I got NBA 2k12
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    Im back

    Yep, after my leave im back. Welcome me back, send me pm's too
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    Xattastic Xats!

    Alot of people probably use xats on here *stares at all clan people* Yes, most clans on serebii use them for discussion, but serebii has official ones as well. Tell about some things about the xats you go on!