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    The bazaar of the bizarre!

    "The Bazaar of the Bizarre" Wherein Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser are served their comeuppance! PicK it up it is well worth the time to read! (see:Fritz Leiber) NOTE: The BluRaja is both generous and just, if you have a grievance do not hesitate to have it redressed. If you have a need, than...
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    DB BT 133 wins and counting.

    This team is at 133 wins but could still stand some improvement. I am unsure about a couple of things. Here is the team: Lead#1 DUSKNOIR- Relaxed @leftovers 252hp / 100def / 158spdef Nightshade Protect Will-o-wisp Gravity-(this is the key move to this team) Lead #2 AZELF Naive...
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    100 win BT doubles team.

    I think this is a potential 100 win team. I have reached 88 wins with this team losing to bronzong/claydol. Tell me what you think this team needs to get over the top. Iv's are max or close to max where they matter. These pokes are solid to excellent in all areas. LEADS GARCHOMP JOLLY...
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    Go 100? Rmt

    Please rate this team. It is for Double Battle in the Battle Tower. Crobat (lead 1) jolly 252speed / 252HP @Black Sludge taunt hypnosis substitute toxic Garchomp (lead 2) 252speed/252attack Jolly @yache berry protect rock slide earthquake dragon claw Scizor (Substitute...
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    Wifi: The Purest form of Pokemon

    Since S on W locked the Legendaries are cheap thread discussion of the "wild west" nature of Random Battles, how about a discussion on the validity of battles on wifi?
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    Where are the Serebii Raters(Haters)

    Ok, I have offered my two cents worth on several of your RMT's. This is the first time I have shown my hand. I already know that this team works very well. I offer it for your consideration. I am sure you can find places to improve it, (it doesnt win every battle). TOGEKISS- adamant...