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  1. Wego

    The New Mystic Club

    Approved by milady VampirateMace Mystics Club Credit to FairyWitch for the banner! - About Club The club is about a club where people can enjoy the five mystic types the five types are Dark, Ghost, Psychic, Fairy, and lastly Dragon. I am pretty sure everyone at least love one of these...
  2. Wego

    Dragon Dance Tournament

    The Mystic Club presents: the Dragon Dance Tournament a WIFI ΩRαS Tournament Tournament Banner sponsored by The Under In commemoration of the Mystics Club's added Dragon type, the Mystics Club is hosting a welcoming tournament for everyone who enjoys using any of the 5 Mystics types: Dark...
  3. Wego

    hello my new to serebii forum

    I not that much of a talker but what up I really want to get into the swing of things here