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    Semiformals, Proms, and other big school dances.

    I just had my Semiformal, and it was rather enjoyable. It was a big group, and my friends didn't really get into the groove that easily, but after me and one of them decided to show them up, they finally started having a good time. All in all, it was worth going to, though I do feel sorry for...
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    Demotivational Poster Time!

    Okay, so I've been viewing these things a lot, and I decided to see what you guys like too. Post your favorite Demotivational Poster as a link, spoiler, whatever you want for all to see. Rate the one that the previous person posted. I'll start:Drive Me Closer And the thread begins! Help me...
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    Your Favorite Show

    I looked through the threads just to be safe, and I didn't find a thread for this topic either, so here it is (though if there is, tell me (I hope there isn't)). I want you guys to tell me what your favorite show or one of your favorite shows is. Comedy, Drama, Anime, anything. I'll start it...
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    Favorite Show

    I looked through the threads and didn't find any for this topic either. So here it is. Give me your favorite/one of your favorite shows from TV. Drama, Comedy, whatever you want. I would just like to try and make a decently popular thread. I'll start it off. My favorite show would be the...
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    Favorite Quotes

    Your Favorite Quote I felt like making a thread,and I didn't see any threads for this, so here I am. Post your personal favorite quote of all time and feel free to comment. My favorite quote is this: "Time is the greatest teacher of all. But in the end, he kills all of his disciples." Don't...