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  1. Vindicated30.6

    Unpopular Pokemon opinions V2 (READ FIRST POST)

    This. I have three shiny Alolan Geodude I got via the GTS on Home, and I can't evolve them because the Geodude and Grimer lines were absent from the Isle of Armor gifts the Diglett guy gives out.
  2. Vindicated30.6

    Eternatus Shiny Gamestop code

    Apparently they are giving them out in Europe starting in October. It was mentioned on the main site.
  3. Vindicated30.6


    Do you still need this? And is it in Home or SwSh?
  4. Vindicated30.6


    LF: Shiny Deoxys from Go, Poke Ball pattern Vivillon FT: Volcanion, Meloetta, Genesect, Victini, Darkrai, Hoopa (NOT the 2022 ones)
  5. Vindicated30.6

    LF:Event Marshadow,Event genesect,shiny galar Articuno

    I have a couple of the older event Genesect that I brought forward from Bank. Do you specifically want the new one?
  6. Vindicated30.6


    The stores around me all ran out in a couple days. It's a two week event. Hopefully they print and distribute more or release it another way. When Legends Arceus came out they didn't have enough preorder bonuses at the store I preordered mine at, so they gave them to the customers who picked...
  7. Vindicated30.6

    Eternatus Shiny Gamestop code

    All the Gamestops around me have run out. I hope you are able to get one!
  8. Vindicated30.6

    Mythical Touch Trades for Pokemon Home

    No worries, glad we got it worked out!
  9. Vindicated30.6

    Mythical Touch Trades for Pokemon Home

    It says no trade room found. What's your FC in Home?
  10. Vindicated30.6

    3rd Gen Recent Happenings Thread

    Yeah I played Yellow and Crystal but watching a friend battle Rayquaza in Emerald was what got me to go all in on Pokemon.
  11. Vindicated30.6

    Mythical Touch Trades for Pokemon Home

    Hey sorry I'm just now getting back to you. Check your messages.
  12. Vindicated30.6

    Name Themes You've Used?

    I had a friend who made a Kaiju team. Volcarona was Mothra, Aggron was Mechagodzilla, Hydregion was Ghidorah, Tyranitar was Godzilla, and I forget the others.
  13. Vindicated30.6

    Name Themes You've Used?

    I recently finished a Brilliant Diamond run and named my team based on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Jirachi was StarPlatinum, Infernape was CrazyDiamond, Drapion was HermitPurple, Roserade was Heirophant, Luxray was Daft Punk (because there has to be at least one music reference, it IS JoJo after...
  14. Vindicated30.6

    X & Y Recent Happenings Thread

    After almost a month's break, I decided to switch from a luck based Nuzlocke to an even more luck based Wonderlocke! Good Bunny has been replaced by a Litleo, and Beastie Boyz by a French Dunsparce named Insolourdo. After soloing the Santalune Gym, Aerosmith has been swapped for A French...
  15. Vindicated30.6

    LF: Pokemon Go shiny Deoxys in HOME

    ALSO FT: Shiny HGSS Raikou, Shiny SUM2013 Dialga and Giratina, shiny Icy Snow Pattern Vivillon, shiny XYZ Xerneas, Shiny Melemele Tapu Koko and more!
  16. Vindicated30.6

    Pokemon Sword & Shield - RECENT HAPPENINGS Thread

    I'm currently shiny hunting Snom in the current Raid event and trying to Masuda a Shiny Torchic at the same time and having zero luck with either. I find more shinies in booster packs...
  17. Vindicated30.6

    Nintendo Direct Thread

    We got Pokemon Stadium, hopefully Colosseum is on the horizon? Zelda looks cool. I need to play the old Bayonetta games because the new one looks good. Mario and Rabbids looks fun. So does the new Fire Emblem, although it looks like it uses the hero summoning mechanic of the mobile game (Please...
  18. Vindicated30.6

    Nintendo Direct Thread

    One of Nintendo's biggest strengths is their IPs. Innovation is another, and they are also very good at playing the nostalgia card. I mean, who would have thought some of their deep dives of the past decade would get so much hype? Especially pulling out some previously untranslated stuff like...
  19. Vindicated30.6

    Nintendo Direct Thread

    Since we have the classic Castlevania collection and the GBA Castlevania collection, a DS Castlevania collection (just in time for Halloween?!) would be awesome!