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    Trickster Zorua's Trade Backyard

    Welcome to mine Pokémon Trade Shop! First I want to say thank you for looking at this thread! I really appreciate it! And I'm gonna tell now about the shop! This is my New Trade Shop for 5th Gen (B/W/B2/W2)! I offer pokémon, and some services! Here are the rules! *Coming soon the "Rules"...
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    RMT OU: The Ancient Castle Knights

    The Ancient Castle Knights The King Kevin had long ago a kingdom... His knights were humans and pokémon. He was also a knight, he had a legendary team, nobody could beat him...now he's open for challenges, with his best knights! Do you DARE to battle them or do you CAN make the team better then...
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    The reviving of the Shadow Pokémon

    The reviving of the Shadow Pokémon (PG-13) The reviving of the Shadow Pokémon (I'm gonna make new chapters when I'm done rewriting/making the old chapters!) PM List: cooloolcool - - - - Chapter List: Chapter 1: The First Chapter.... (this post, rewrited/made by me) Chapter 2...
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    Which pokemon is the previous member?

    This is a game where you simply can say which pokemon fits with the previous member. Here's a example: Person 1: *insert username* fits with a Chansey, because she everytime when I'm sick, she's worried about me and other members. Person 2: Person 1 should be a Smeargle, because he's good...
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    The ''New'' Dutch Pokémon Club!

    The ''New'' Dutch Pokémon Club! Welkom naar de Nieuwe Nederlandse Pokémon Club! Dit is de enige actieve Nederlandse club van de hele Serebii.net Forums! Deze club is bedoelt voor de Nederlandse/Vlaamse leden gewoon nederlands te praten over pokemon. De regels: (Voor de normale forum...
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    Spoiler Problem.

    Hi. I have discoverd a problem. When i will use the spoiler tag, he asks a option for my spoiler tag. Can someone please help me with this problem? Thanks for reading this!
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    Dialga's Sprite Dimension

    Here are my fakemons: (I post that later. I DON'T post my old sprites. Mabye i post that later. Recolors: Devamps: (sorry for the size. I can't it editing anymore online. Fusions: (With a little scratching) Alterations: Re-Elementings: Scratch: Fakemon...
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    Werewolves of Wakkerdam! Sign-up Tread. G

    Welcome to Wakkerdam! Werewolves of Wakkerdam is a Dutch Werewolf game. In it Dutch is it: Weerwolven van Wakkerdam. Yes, i know that the most of this forum comes not from Netherlands/Belgium. But i will to you all learn the game. The 8:30 p.m. is GMT 2+ (CET Amsterdam, Brussel, Paris etc.)...
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    Advice needed!

    I want advices for my coming up story: Hot Spot Karo! It's about a guy from 17 years in the Karo Region. The High School where he have been is out. He want start a Pokemon Adventure. So i say, i need advices and ideas for my Dutch and mabye English story. I need ideas: -Which Starters i...
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    Game Idea Club

    Welcome to the Game Idea Club! Post here all your Game Ideas for every console or computer. Talk about Fan Games/Consoles everyday! Here are the rules: 1. We use the Forum and Club Rules. 2. Chatspeaking is allowd. 3. Not stealing ideas without Credits! 4. Go not Off-Topic. 5. Console...
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    Dialga's Trade Center

    Dialga's Trade Center Welcome to my trade shop! I use Pokemon White, HG/SS. Rules: I accept no Hacked Pokemon (No AR,TT DS or any flashcards and Cheat Devices. And no PokéSave!) All Serebii Rules Apply For trading, i send my FC to you via PM. I can't use everytime WFC, my wireless router...
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    Dialga's Sprite Shop

    STATUS: OPEN. Hello! This are the rules of my shop. 1. No Spamming please! When you ignore this rule, you get banned. 2. 3 requests per 3 Hour. 3. The Requests can take 1-2 days to make it due School. 4. Give Credit and do not Claim our fakemon. When you ignore this rule, you will be...
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    A wild Dialga6 has appeared Dialga6 used Roar of Time!

    Hi. I'm Dialga6 (Kevin) I'm from The Netherlands and i love this site. I have Pokemon R/B/Y, Gold, Crystal, R/E, FR, D/P/Pt, HG/SS, B/W. I'm 12 years old. I can not really good English typing and speaking. But i love too the Pokemon series. I have the 3DS, DSi, DSiXL, DS Lite, Game Boy...