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    With the recent banning of Aegislash and Mawilite, the Fairy type in general has gotten a lot better. So, I decided to just slap three really strong fairies on a team, add some generic support, and see how it would work. The result is an insanely fun team that has the ability to win in some...
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    Control (XY OU)

    So, my first XY OU RMT (yay acronyms). For those of you who may not know me, I played a lot during the BW era under the name 'magikarprules'. I left for a couple of years and returned to an unfamiliar metagame, so it was difficult adjusting. Since the majority of my playing was during a very...
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    Meditation amd(LC RMT)

    (amd=attempted mass destruction. It doesn't need capital letters because capital letters are weak.) Alright, this is my first LC RMT. As such, expect it to be a pretty mediocre team. Despite that, I peaked at #17 on the PokeBank LC ladder with this team, so it can't be that bad. The main reason...
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    Life and Death (PG-13)

    Alright, I figured I'd jump on the Kalos journey fic train too. I'm going to try to make this one different from your standard journey fic, so stay with me here. I know you're all tired of these in general, but give me a chance. Rated PG-13 for mild swearing, mild adult themes, and moderate...
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    If You Were A Pokemon... What Would Your Stats/Type Be?

    Title says it all. If you were a Pokemon, what base stats would you have, and what type would you be? Here's a little help if you are having trouble figuring out stats. HP: Stamina, how long you can keep going Attack: Physical strength, "brawn" Defense: Physical endurance, similar to HP...
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    The Mushroom Boxer and The Lightning God (An OU RMT)

    This is one of my most successful teams from BW2 OU, and to celebrate X and Y's coming out on Saturday, I am making an RMT of it. It utilizes one of my favorite offensive cores, Breloom and Thundurus-T. THE TEAM AT A GLANCE A CLOSER LOOK Leapfrog (Politoed) @ Choice Scarf...
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    Destroy It!

    I think there might be a game like this, but there's nothing on the visible pages so let's go. Destroy It! is a very simple game. Basically, I'll come up with something, and the NP must think of a way to destroy it. Then the person after that posts something that would destroy what the...
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    Standard fare OU Rain team, blablabla

    Hello everybody, and welcome to my latest NU team! Nah, I'm not into NU anymore. What this is is a standard fare OU rain team, blablabla. (because that would be impossible to tell) Anyway, let's get onto the show. Politoed (F) @ Leftovers Trait: Drizzle EVs: 252 HP / 252 SAtk / 4 SDef...
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    War: The Moonlight Heroes vs. Operation Obliviate

    vs. Good luck to both clans, may the best clan win.
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    Meloetta's Sparkling Recital: Of Doom! (DW OU)

    One day, I was looking for ladders to milk to their bones, when I stumbled upon DW OU. I quickly made a team around one of my favorite unreleased Pokemon, Meloetta. It did quite well, peaking me at 136 before I got haxed to death. Here is the team. EDIT: (13:44:42) *** Your rank in Dream World...
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    ~A team that passed the test of time~

    Many teams nowadays are about weather, weather, and more weather. If not about weather, they're about countering weather. I tire of all these teams being about weather, so I decided to bring out an old team from Gen. 4 that I've used before, and tweaking it with some new additions from Gen 5...
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    Karp Art Mart

    Welcome to KARP ART MART. Here you can request pieces of artwork from me. Right now, I only do banners and Monochrome Mons (and primal Pokemon!), but you can suggest things that I can do for the shop, as I will generally be able to put them in the shop. RULES 1. All regular rules apply...
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    Raining Victory (OU Rain RMT)

    Right now you're probably thinking this is one of the standard Rain teams that are just Poli/Scizor/Rotom-W/Ferrothorn/Dragonite/Filler. (Seriously, the number of teams I see like that are astounding.) Well, this one isn't necessarily like that. Instead of using standard Pokemon because they're...
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    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Guardians of the Key

    Well, it's been quite awhile since I last wrote a fanfic, so don't expect anything awesome yet. Currently PG (for mild violence and minor swears), but expect the rating to change as the story progresses. Chapter 1: The Trapinch Trap Phil woke up falling. He couldn’t precisely gauge how...
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    LC Files: Riolu

    Considering I have been playing OU less and less due to the monotony of facing the same teams over and over again, and having to conform to do well yourself, I decided to write a few analyses of Pokemon in other tiers, in hope of sparking discussion. This one is for LC, Pokemon in question being...
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    Doomsday is upon us: Gen. 4 RMT

    After getting bored of BW OU, I decided to plunge into the realm of DPPt OU. This team has won every battle I've been in, and my current peak is 3: (10:33:41) *** Your rank in OU Gen 4 is 3/1781 [1149 points / 5 battles]! Some key things before we start: This is not Gen. 5. As such, things...
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    Warstory of Warstorynesss is Warstorylike.

    As you can see, I am terrible at titles. Ah well, to the introduction. This was an excellent battle with a clan that we had warred recently that I had been a member of. The battle wasn't particularly haxy (can you call Jirachi failing to paralyze several times hax?), and it was close. Without...
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    Eternal Diversity Nullam

    credit to arceusvictini ETERNAL DIVERSITY NULLAM TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Code of Arceus (The Rules) 2. Application 3. Currency 4. Rank System 5. Rock Sector 6. Flying Sector 7. Fighting Sector 8. Competitive Corner (War info/team, tournaments, and tutoring program) 9. Various Shops...
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    RU Ready for a Poor Team?

    ~ Introduction ~ After having success in the OU frontier, I decided to move to RU. Here, I have discovered, is a very nifty environment. I still need to improve a great deal, so bear with me here. ~ At a Glance ~ ~ Looking Closer ~ (M) @ Life Orb Trait: Speed Boost EVs...
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    Fridge Logic in Pokémon

    Fridge Logic in Pokémon Fridge logic is essentially when something in a video game or otherwise is decidedly odd or interesting, but you don't pay it any thought until later when you're reflecting on it. So, what moments have you found of this in Pokémon? For me, it would have be the start...