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    League Of Champions

    *Credit goes to all the renders on Planet Render THE LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONS I. Introduction II. Broad Spectrum of Rules III. Leadership? Challenging? IV. Current Challengers & Wins V. Current Staff & Gyms of 運命! VI. FAQ VII. Holiday Competitions VIII. Monthly...
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    Team for Battle tower

    Pokemon: Garchomp Item: Dragon Fang Moves: Dragon Claw Dragon Rush Crunch Earthquake Pokemon: Metagross Item: Soft Sand Moves: Earthquake Shadow Ball Psychic Meteor Mash Pokemon: Leafeon Item: Rose Incense Moves: Leaf Blade Giga Drain Synthesis Razor Leaf Rate my team...
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    My teams For Battle Tower

    Metagross Item: Softsand Moves: ShadowBall Earthquake Psychic Meteor Smash Garchomp Item: Dragon Fang Moves: Earthquake Crunch Dragon Claw Dragon Rush Leafeon Item: Rose Incense Moves: Razorleaf Giga Drain Synthesis Magical Leaf