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  1. J

    If you had the power of one pokemon, What would it be?

    Thought of by me and Politoed321. Mine would be Luxray or Lucario's power to see everything.
  2. J

    The Turtwig, Grotle and Torterra club.

    Welcome to the Turtwig, Grotle and Torterra club. If you are a big fan of Turtwig, Grotle or Torterra, then join this club. Talk about how you like him in the Anime and Games. Rules: 1. Follow Serebii's rules. 2. No one liners. 3. Don't spam. 4.Don't go off topic. 5. Don't multi-post 6. Have...
  3. J

    A Journey That You May Want To Read

    Chapter 1 or Prologue Ok, Before I start, the league rules are, a region has a tournament (like in the anime) every four years, but you can also challenge the E4 and champion (like in the games), anybody that either wins a tourney or beats the E4, is invited to a tournament held on a small...
  4. J

    Rate My team + Plz giv advice

    My team is Slaking@Choice Band Quiet 184/117/132/90/113 Giga Impact Thunderbolt Toxic Sleep talk? Espeon@Focus Sash Timid 80/80/149/121/150 Psychic Swift Psybeam Future Sight Blissey@? Calm 24/114/194/335/146 Thunderbolt Ice Beam Counter Softboiled Umbreon@...