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    for the lolz.

    I'll just post this anyway, even though I'm miles from being as good as a lot of people on this forum. (oh, and before anyone freaks out, Rhyme is a username on another forum, so thats why most of them say that ._.) Most Recent: constructive criticism, if you'd please~♪
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    I decided to make one of these, whats the worse that could happen? -shifteyes- Newest: yeah, that's what the thread is named after. So shoot me. I just picked a random 'mon, didn't think it would turn out good. I like it. I got a new brush set, so I tested it out on a classic. One...
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    A Nub's Mixed team.

    I am for sure not the Competitive battler, but I like to do it occasionally. Quick Notes: -- All these pokemon have no EV's or IV's or whatever. I had them at all level 100 before I wanted to Battle. -- I have alot of dual types, 3 psy's, 2 wtr's, and an ice. Its a pretty effective team...
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    .nightblazes graphics

    Im new to the graphic place, so I decided to get your guy's words on the graphics I made. Samus Yeah, Its a little bright. I treied to make the brightness come from the Arm. Elite4[My Forum's Button] Just a simple little button made in two minutes. Sceptile The Leaf brush =...
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    I need ratings for this thing I made. Its a fusion/splice. Ita made up of.... A fusion of Pidgey, Arcanine, Lucario, Dialga, Palkia, Suicune, Dragonite, Mew, Abra, Umbreon, and Growlithe. Custom Colors, Eye scratched. Estimated 15% scratch. Rate please. And any name...
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    Back with a Bang!

    So I guess I should show you some of my sprites I made after my month long vanishing, shall I? Here we go, into the land of bad sprites. -------------------------------------- Don't really like this one, Porygon2 + Cresselia Looks like a fat Porygon2 Arceus + Cresselia, not good...
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    Emo trainer .3.

    I Love It. I was bored. XD Ranger Base, Rival, Psychic, Guitarist, Byron, And Custom Colors. EDIT: I did LSA style =O Ratez?
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    Nicks Palletes!

    I'll be quickly making palletes. I have one though right now. Love & Hate. If you have Ideas, or color combos, it will help alot.
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    Sprite Hero On Tour

    Im in a slump. I need help. I need Rates. This is all for now Recolor Of Mightyena In new pallete, Cursed. Silver Revamp of Scizor And a Splice of Alakazam, Ninetales, Swampert, Flygon, and Suicune. Really. I need rates. Dun let this die D=
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    stellar! sprite shop

    wel¢ome to the stellar! sprite shop where you ¢an request ƒrom a verteran spriter from sppƒ And beƒore we can start, ƒirst ¢omes the rules. RULES use the ƒorms one request at a time ƒive requests at a time, and when a worker has five requests, that worker is ¢losed No Spamming No...
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    Night's Simply Sprite thread

    Thats right, Another one 8D Ok first, My newest palletes. Purple Sadness Ghost v2 (Old Version: And now, A couple of fusions. Fusions are my worst subject =/ Left, Darkrai, Magmortar, Lucario, and Infernape Right, Manaphy, Spiritomb And, Maps(They were for meh region)...
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    )!~#Nicks Sprite Shop($%^

    Taking one more shot at this, Hello! Welcome to my shop. Im old, and you may not remember me. But I am a elusive spriter, always hiding in someones shadow. Its time I step out. All the Banners for the lists and the ETC. are to my good freind Petal. RULES*wishes has a cool rules banner*...
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    Pokemon Fireblast.

    [link removed] Ive Been working on it for a while. I can add staff, but they MUST be experienced. Any C+C would help. Staff: Root Admin Avenger(Me) Admins Michaelrocks2 Eternal Shadow dialga111 Super Moderators Dr.Ko Lavasoul Moderators Andy
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    Yes, im back. Ill try at least. Fusions. Recolors. Pallete Recolors. New palletes.
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    NightBlaze's Sprites

    I need practice so I have a thread. First some new Revamps, my fav is Celebi Now a fusion I made and I reposed it(compleatly scratched) And finally, my Fakemon, Missrai It was random Remember im not to good at scratching so no saying "u suck a scthching!" Please rate.
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    .:}=Im back and better than ever.

    I have been gone forever it seems so I want a new shop. Im not going to be on everyday. Rules: 1. Follow the rules 2. No spamming 3. No Rushing 4. No flaming Forms: Shiny Icons Pokemon: Fakemon Animal to be based on: Description: Colors: Animon Pokemon: Glowing...
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    Yokou Region.

    This is, and welcome, to the Yokou Region History: This region is known for the odd-colored rocks spread throughout the region. It is said in lore that the ancestor of pokemon, Mew lives in the center of the region. It is also said that this is the last region the pokemon master, Ash Ketchum...
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    NBs Trainer Thread

    I have some trainers lurking in my photobucket so Why not show them? A request I felt like it I made this to put it in my Userbar. I made so it looks like me in 7 years. A request A request but the head thing is supposed to be like that. Head thing, and eye scratched. Messed up on...
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    ;006;Welocome to my shop im back after a while;006; I hope you will request this time around Rules No spamming No flaming Use the forms Read the rul-Oh wait you are No workers yet please Give cred *NightBlaze can do* *Examples* *NightBlaze's Examples* *Forms* *NightBlazes Forms*...
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    ~NightBlaze's & eeveerose's Shop~

    The shop is OPENWell im horibble at this but I will do it again Ive been teribbly busy with my Revamp project and my life so I might not get them right away like last time The golden rules 1.No rushing 2.No spamming 3.No "iwant thiz th1ng c@n Y0U m@ak3 1t 4 meh?" 4.NineTALES NOT...