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    Fallout Series Discussion Thread

    This thread is dedicated to the discussion of any game in the Fallout series. I have been a fan since I first played Fallout 3. These games have a lot to talk about. Things like your strategies and techniques you use in playing the game, favorite moments of the story, your play style, and...
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    New Nintendo 3DS XL IIssues

    New Nintendo 3DS XL Issues The purpose of this thread is to discuss issues with the New Nintendo 3DS XL handheld system. My particular issue is that my system tends shutdown in sleep mode randomly after a period of time. Does anybody else have similar issues?
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    Link Battles VS In Game Trainer Battles

    Have you ever wondered why in a link battle the game doesn't give you the option of switching after you KO one of you opponent's Pokemon compared to a battling an in game opponent? Well I finally came up with the most logical reason why, it is programmatically impossible to efficiently...
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    Shiny Bidoof, What would you do

    Say you are walking around and you randomly encounter a Shiny Bidoof. What would you think and do at the moment. A. Make it faint out of your hatred for Bidoof B. Run away thinking it is useless C. Capture and trade it on GTS making it someone else's problem D. Take note of it IV's and do some...
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    Is Abomasnow really that popular?

    I have been looking around at people's profiles and have found that a huge number of people here say Abomasnow is their favorite Pokemon. Is Abomasnow really that popular or is it that the majority of those people are too lazy to select a favorite Pokemon? Mods, please let this thread have a...
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    Can Anyone Give Me Suggestions

    Okay, this is my first real post for CRMT and after having a few battles with people I have come up with this team. Pokemon: Pikachu Hold Item: LightBall Moves: Volt Tackle, Surf, ThunderPunch, Quick Attack Technique I use Volt Tackle for massive if not deadly damage. Surf is for pesky...
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    Rotom Motor

    After a couple years of knowing Rotom, I just realized today that Rotom spelled backwards is Motor. Has anyone else realized this? I wonder if there are any other fourth gen Pokemon or Items that spell something when spelled backwards.
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    Manage Your Own Web Server

    You know how web hosts like to put their name in the address to your site like: "http://www.webhost.com/your_site"? And if you wanted your domain name like: "http://yoursitename.***/" you would have to pay for such a service that still has some restriction. Now how do you do this without...
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    Has anyone had problems with Conficker.c, a potentially dangerous computer worm, yet. It was coded to become active today. This worm can control your computer, pretty much putting your computer at the mercy of its master. I haven't had any problems yet, but it may be too early to tell.
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    Future Username Prediction

    I can very easily foresee that when the fifth generation legendary pokemon come, people will sign up with usernames after them. And when a sixth generation comes, those names tend to lose flavor and people move on to usernames with the six generation legendaries. I compared dates when say in...
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    Computer Programmer's Club

    Welcome to the Computer Programmer's Club This club is a club where computer programmers can talk about and ask for help on practically any programming or scripting language such as; Java, C/C++, Python, and many more. Who can join? Programmers-->Programmers who have knowledge in 1 or...
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    Pokemon Stat Calculator

    from Tkinter import * class Application(): def hNature(self, event): self.nature=0.9 self.NatureOut['text']="Hindering Nature" def nNature(self, event): self.nature=1.0 self.NatureOut['text']="Neutral Nature" def bNature(self,event)...
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    Serious Internet Explorer Security Flaw

    There's been a serious security flaw in the Internet Explorer Web Browser. A link an article on it can be found here http://tech.yahoo.com/blogs/null/111811. You may want to switch to a different web browser since you may have passwords stolen from you (as of now online gaming passwords) but...
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    Dialga Palkia DS still in stores

    When I saw one Limited Edition Dialga Palkia DS at my WalMart today, I was shocked as I thought those things sold out a few months ago. Has anyone else seen these lately in stores or something of the sort that is supposed to be sold out? That means there are a hard to find few left out there for...