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  1. Saberu

    I hope Unova remakes are never made.

    I would like them remade just because it's nearly impossible to get your hands on a legitimate copy. I misplaced/lost all of my gen 5 games years ago and only a few days ago was able to find replacements, completely due to my father's legendary secondhand sale luck. I'm fortunate! They sell for...
  2. Saberu

    What Pokemon Teams did you have on your Gen 4 playthroughs? Any good memories?

    In Platinum, I've taken a long time thinking about my team. I ended up with Empoleon, Porygon-Z, Bronzong, Gabite (one level from evolving at the moment), Togekiss, and a Riolu I traded over because the one I hatched was calm nature. Arceus finally blessed me with a Togepi that had both a good...
  3. Saberu

    What Sinnoh Starter did you choose?

    I chose Piplup in both Diamond and Pearl. I can't remember what I chose for Platinum, because I did a Bibarel solo run. I did not win. ): I couldn't beat that final Cyrus battle. I just restarted Platinum a few months ago, with Piplup again. I've restarted enough times to pick all the starters...
  4. Saberu

    How long did you use the Pikachu in Yellow Version?

    Oh, I kept it forever! That Pikachu is my best friend! I never even thought about replacing it. It helps that Pikachu was my first favorite Pokémon, so I've always been fond of it.
  5. Saberu

    4th Gen Recent Happenings Thread

    Funny story. After nine years of the same file, I traded all my Pokémon to Pearl and SoulSilver and restarted Platinum. I even named the rival after my hyperactive cousin! And then very soon after, my cousin came out of trans and changed her name. So I've restarted a second time. It took me...
  6. Saberu

    Favorites Thread: PLACES

    1. What’s your favorite POKEMON GAME? Platinum, Alpha Sapphire, Black and Black 2, and Moon 2. What's your favorite REGION? Hoenn! 3. What’s your favorite CITY/TOWN? Sootopolis City for sure. It just got better in the remake. Also on there are Fortree City (sadly not better in the remake) and...
  7. Saberu

    Favorite "Side Activity" of the Pokemon Video Games?

    Can I say the battle frontier? I made the saddest noise when I learned it wouldn't be in swsh. I actually had hope this time... Besides that, I love Super Contests and I just adore Poke Star Studios. And even though it's no battle frontier, the world tournament in Driftveil was pretty solid!
  8. Saberu

    How would you rate Leon’s strength in terms of champion battles?

    He was the first trainer I'd fought in the game that seemed almost evenly-matched, but I still took him down without too much trouble, especially because the spoilers Pokemon one-shotted his Charizard. I really didn't expect that to happen. ):
  9. Saberu

    Rabid Raiders

    My Switch Code is 2617-5241-6131 On Discord, I'm Trainer Moth (Space Prince/ss Dragonberry Deut#9308) I change my Switch name all the time, but I'm always BotW Link on a blue background. My trainer's name is Moth!
  10. Saberu

    Pokemon Sword & Shield - TRADING THREAD [Closed; Gen 8 WiFi Forum NOW OPEN]

    Looking for hidden ability Corsola Can trade Gitantimax Sandaconda, and I'll look as hard as I can for any Sword exclusives you want. By the time you message me, I'm hoping to have caught a Darumaka. I also have an extra Leftovers.
  11. Saberu

    Help with pokemon explorers of sky?

    For the easiest time, bring X-eye seeds OR the move Dig. Can't really recommend both because Dialga will move out of range of Dig. If you can get Protect/Detect, even better. I agree that reviver seeds are important, but it's hard to know to stock up on them. You might need to leave Temporal...
  12. Saberu

    Favorite Pokemon Ranger villain?

    I was about to agree with Ice from Ranger 2, but then I remembered Red Eyes and his whole redemption arc... I loved meeting up with him when he gave me the piece of golden armor. Can't believe I forgot him, though I really did like Ranger 2 a lot more than Ranger 3, and have beaten Ranger 3 only...
  13. Saberu

    Which Pokémon Do You Want To See Return In The Galar Regional Dex?

    With the news that Pokémon Sword and Shield won’t include the entire national Dex, people have been peeved. Seriously peeved. I’ve seen so much salt that Reddit looks more like the dead sea. A lot of people have said that this is the last straw, or maybe the only straw, and that they won’t get...
  14. Saberu

    How would you improve the Battle Palace?

    I haven't played since being a competitive noob (because EV training in gen 3 sucks so, so much) but it used to be my favorite! I just gave Pokémon four offensive moves and let them do their thing. I thought the gimmick was neat, too. I have some great memories of the place! I just... I don't...
  15. Saberu

    Favourite Hoenn Location

    I love so many places! Fortree city with all those bridges, Pacifidlog floating on the water, Mossdeep hidden in the sea route with a SPACE CENTER, and of course Sootopolis, the secluded gem in a crater... speaking of crater, remember Meteor Falls? I liked it more in RS than in Emerald, due to...
  16. Saberu

    Pokemon that is best with Trick Room and can learn Curse that is not a Ghost type

    What you could do is use a very slow Pokémon that doesn't know trick room itself, just in case you run into a trick room user. Then you could even set up Curse on the first turn!
  17. Saberu

    Input on rarest/most desirable Pokeball/Pokémon combo to acquire?

    That's fine! The only reason I remember this stuff is I've been breeding dream ball eevees.
  18. Saberu

    Input on rarest/most desirable Pokeball/Pokémon combo to acquire?

    What do you mean? Any Pokémon you could get from the dream world or from dream world events can be found in a dream ball. Nidoran, Eevee, lots of others. I even have Arceus in a dream ball! Or did you mean the whole list on the site with all the dream world Pokémon? Sorry for assuming, then!
  19. Saberu

    How to read ivs?

    I'm just going to take a sec and look it up in the game where I already impressed the IV judge... I still haven't hatched all those eggs again in Ultra Moon. =/ Okay, more like haven't even made it to the battle tree. Wish I hadn't restarted. I had some trouble understanding what you're asking...
  20. Saberu

    Favourite Alolan starter Pokemon

    I'm surprised that Popplio isn't more poppular! I love Brionne in particular. It's my second-favorite starter evolution ever, right after Blaziken. I love the ruffles so much! I'm always a little sad when it's time to evolve into Primarina. I actually have a Brionne figure on my computer right...