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    Fighting Games

    I noticed that we have all these threads and not one of them are for fighting games :O This is a place for all lovers of FG's to post and discuss their favorite games when they're competitive or just casual. Personally my favorites are Arcsys games like Guilty Gear, Blazblue, and Persona 4 Arena.
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    Garchomp Team

    This is my attempt to make a team revolving around Garchomp. I really became interested in Garchomp when I learned that he used to be banned at one point. A pokemon who used to be banned has to be good right? Also he is different from other dragons in the sense that he's not a flying type and...
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    Espeon Team

    I'm pretty new to competitive pokemon and this is my first team so here goes. Espeon @ Light Clay Ability: Magic Bounce EVs: 242 HP. 4 Def. 252 Spd Nature: Timid - Reflect - Light Screen - Psychic - Baton Pass The purpose of Espeon is to serve as a counter to stealth rock/spikes...