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  1. Infernobat.

    Oak Town Mafia

    Mafia is a commonly played party game that saw popularity both online and in real life. The game is based around the conflict between fictional "mafia" and the inhabitants of the fictional town of Oak Town. The goal of the mafia is to outnumber the amount of town players alive. On the...
  2. Infernobat.

    Pokemon Aiptaka

    Pokemon Aiptaka is a game based around completing challenges and quests given to you by a Persian named Jon, mayor of Oak Town, a settlement in the region of Aiptaka. To do this, you must use combat, your wits to overcome puzzles and your social skills to converse and talk your way through...
  3. Infernobat.

    Pokemon Aiptaka the Dark fight for life

    (Thank's to Jun for the super banner!) "Owner me" "Co owner fango pango" "Officers none" Pokemon Aiptaka the Dark fight for life. Ok this is game which is like a world which has a open landscape. You can explore it , in Party's or alone , and visit the many caves, woodland ,lakes ...
  4. Infernobat.


    hi I’m new here i have read the rules and are looking forward to my stay here^.^