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    Big Brother Season 3

    The hottest game of the summer is back! This is-- Big Brother Season 3. This season of Big Brother will feature many new twists that no one will see coming. Including two new types of players.* Cohosted by ShinyRaikou •Contestants: There will be twelve contestants this season, who will...
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    Do you have family on the forums?

    I know there are a few, but I'm curios as to who actually does. Feel free to share who your family is!
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    Pokemon Link [v6]

    Pokemon Link was first made by Havak, then remade by teh most epic of all, Dramatic Melody, ray2020, Bisasam and most recently, zhanton. zhanton's game "passed away" last December. All sprites are from PE2K. Concept +I will post a set of four Pokemon, each which share something in common. -It...
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    Pokemon Investors

    From the creator of PSE; djhappy, I bring you: Pokemon Investors! This game is very simple, you must be invested in or invest. Before you flee of boredom let me explain. - I will get 14 people to become "active merchants" - The "active merchants" will create a store (and service/product)...
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    Serebii Apprentice Season 3

    Hello, everyone, and welcome to the third season of Serebii Apprentice! Since we have not finished a season yet, all of our sponsers have dropped out and we now have a small, rundown boxcar as our set, but, hehe, hey! That's ok! How did I get stuck with this job? I'm crying on the inside THESE...
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    The Origin

    This fic is currently rated PG to be safe. Prologue: I laid in my bed, still as I heard clattering outside my closed bedroom door. I looked at my clock. It read 1:00 in the morning. I reached for my endtable and grabbed the pokemon egg that was sitting in an incubator on the table. I...
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    Serebii Apprentice Season 2

    After last season's terrible fail, we enter our second season of writing, campaigning and art! I MUST TELL YOU, AFTER LAST SEASON, THESE ARE REQUIREMENTS: 1: Must stay active 2: Semi-good at art and/or writing 3: Willing to cooperate and follow the rules below: Follow SPPf and Games rules. You...
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    The Economy

    Talk about the economy- where is the planet headed? The American state of Minnesota just shut down because the givernment can't reach a budget. What will happen next??? Debate, speak and comment.
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    Serebii Apprentice Season 1

    Welcome to Serebii Apprentice. 14 contestants will sign up to participate in making campaigns and other things for the client of that week. Every week you will get two challenges- a short writing challenge that may give your team an advantage in the big challenge, and the big challenge. The...
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    Hurt and Heal - Starter Pokemon

    Each Pokemon will start out with ten points. All you have to do is hurt one and heal one. There are six rounds, one round per gen. Once we have the five winners, We will go on to the finals, where the five remaining competitors begin at the number they had when they won. They will start with the...
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    ABC's of Books!

    Rules are simple: 1. Follow the established SPPf and game rules. Duh. 2. Keep in alphabetical order. 3. The catch! If you are the last person on a page, you MAY (don't have to) change the letter to any letter. Let's begin! Artimus Fowl!
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    Fan of Bellatrix Lestrange? Please read.

    What if Bellatrix Lestrange survived the Battle of Hogwarts? Here is the story of the survival of Bellatrix Lestrange. I DON'T OWN ANYTHING HERE EXCEPT ENEXOR BELEVANT!!! CHAPTER ONE THE IRASCIBLE MEMORIES OF THE LIEUTENANT OF HE-WHO-MUST-NOT-BE-NAMED. "Avada Kedavra!" Lord Voldemort's...
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    What do you use to use SPPf?

    Quite simple. Just answer the question.
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    Rate Random Phrases

    THANK YOU Dramatic Melody for approving this game. 2 minutes after I submitted it. Awesome. "What did he say?" - Random Man "?!" - Everyone "It's so stupid!" - Me Welcome, everyone, to the random phrase game! Quite simple. Rate the first...
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    Is The Glass Half-Empty, Or Half-Full?

    All you do is give your honest opinion on this subject. Half-Full.
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    The Harry Potter Club

    Welcome to the Harry Potter Club! I am the Minister of Magic, avatarsokia, (Minister Sokia). The rules are as follows and must be upheld at all times: AS OF 5/14/11 AT 10:35 CST, THE FOLLOWING JOINING FORM IS REQUIRED: Name: Special Position? House: Favorite Character: Thanks! 1. NO bashing...
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    GaGa goes grand!

    Released today, Feb.12, 2011, GaGa's new single "Born This Way" has already, in a matter of 10 hours jumped to the #1 spot in more than 20 of the 193 independent nations in regards of music. GaGa fan or not, you must admit, that is quite amazing.
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    Hello there

    Hello everyone! I have been coming here ever since Sinnoh pokemon were released and have found this as my one stop for pokemon info. Then I saw the forum and thought I should join! Nice to be here.