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    Ginji's shiny and event shop

    how about the UK DW arceus timid nature ivs 5/22/24/27/26/30/23 UT
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    #145 Zapdos

    looking for a Modest zapdos with Hidden Power ice and heatwave will offer a timid DW event arceus for it
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    Ginji's shiny and event shop

    hi i'm interested in your HP ice zapdos i can offer a shiny flawless ev'd mewtwo lv71 or a shiny flawless ev'd lugia lv50
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    The Eevee Elite

    what about mamo/frozlass not to mention cloyster too
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    (VGC) ChanDreiGross

    Listen to Soperman he knows whats he's talking about. Explosion is a terrible move for doubles for for EQ instead with occa berry since if you explos at thye end of a battle you will lose by default, also whats the point of putting weather up if you can't abuse it, get an electric move in there...
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    The Eevee Elite

    i quite like jolteon but DW leafeon is far superior
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    The Eevee Elite

    is there a tag that we use in PO?
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    The Eevee Elite

    Username:TheFox Mediums used to battle: PO, 5 4th gen fc(s): 5th gen fc(s): 3396-2827-7492 PO username:TheFox PO server if applicable:Skarmbliss VGC / Pokemon Online Squad of choice:Leafeon
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    The Battling Academy

    i didn't quite think that i would be para'd for the whole game i should of won since i had meta, ludic, zapdos and t-tar against whims, cressila(scarf), golem, and for some strange reason watchdog as soon as i was para'd golem came in and use EQ and RS which seem'd to hit every time
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    The Battling Academy

    well if you had the battle i had today you wouldn't be saying that 5 turn battle where the only damage i gave out was from standstorm due to all my mon being para'd and not even dealing an attack ever in the entire battle
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    The Battling Academy

    Had a nice time at the VGC today shame about my 2nd round para hax which wouldn't let me even attack at all, they should get rid of hax's completely it ruins the fun of the game
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    butterfree's rarity shop

    do you have a modest hidden power ice zapdos with heatwave? i will give you a shiny flawless mewtwo if you do
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    The Battling Academy

    So who's going to the VGC tomorrow?
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    Lavaburst the Infernape's trade shop

    i'm interested in your shiny flawless lotad i'll give you a lv 100 flawless shiny starmie for it
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    Balanced team that needs rating

    if you do go for scarfmence try the moxie abillity over imimidate it does wonders
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    :( really wanted one with HP ice

    :( really wanted one with HP ice
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    Rais and Yods trade shop

    do you have a flawless modest swiftswim lotad, and a flawless modest litwick or their Evolutions
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    TheMetalOverlord's Castle of Extravaganza

    i'm interested in your flawless swift swim lotad and your event HPice Raikou i can offer you a lv71 ev'd shiny flawless modest mewtwo and a timid starmie also shiny and flawless
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    #270 Lotad / #271 Lombre / #272 Ludicolo

    Looking for either a Lotad / Lombre / Ludicolo with swift swim that is flawless and has the nature Modest/Calm move's and ev's don't matter, will offer a shiny flawless starmie with Timid nature for one
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    Raticate's Mouse House

    whats the hidden power of your flawless zapdos?