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    Mega Man discussion

    This is a thread where you discuss about the Blue Bomber and any of his sub-series (like X, Zero, ZX, Battle Network) but I'd mainly talk about the classic series because I recently played the first 6. Favorite Robot Masters: Napalm Man, Metal Man, Crash Man, Shadow Man, Pharaoh Man, Knight...
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    Google Images War

    In this game you have to post an image of something that would beat the image of the above poster Rules: -all sppf rules apply, so no inappropiate images -please post pictures that would make sense beating the above picture -no overkill -post pictures, not links, don't forget to put the...
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    Make up an erroneous Pokedex entry

    I love this game, it's a shame it died. It was originally made by Auraninja. Think of a extant Pokemon and make up a funny Pokedex entry for it. Rules 1. It has to be an actual Pokemon. Don't make up any or list a Digimon, for example. 2. Make the entry at least somewhat relevant. The...
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    Touhou Discussion

    this had to be made This is where you discuss about Touhou stuff. Some questions: Who's your favorite character? Mine is Komachi as you can see in my sig because I really like her design. Other characters I like are Nue, Nitori, Koishi, Utsuho, Suika and Clownpiece. Which game is your...
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    First thing that comes to mind

    in this game you have to post the first thing that comes to mind if you read the above post then you post something else and the next poster says what's the first thing that comes to mind example and so forth sll sppf rules apply I'll start pokemon have fun
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    The big red button

    In this game you say you push a big red button (or a different type of button, like a blue button or a button with "DON'T PRESS" on it") and the next person tells what happened and presses another button. For example: Poster 1: I push the red button Poster 2: A random guy pops up and...
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    Let's Make a Fighting Game!

    I'm reviving this game and it's too much of a hassle to rewrite everything from scratch so I copied the text from the old iteration of the game. The originial creator was PrinceOfFacade (I hope you don't mind) However, I made the example from scratch. I have been considering a game like this...
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    Find me a picture of...

    In this game you ask for a picture by saying ''find me picture of...'' You may put anything in place of the ... as long as it isn't inappropiate Rules: All forum rules appy Do not request for inappropiate things and don't post inappropiate pictures No chatting Don't post videos (you...
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    Extremely wrong answers to general questions

    Same principal as ''extremely wrong answers to pokemon questions'' but you may ask questions about anything (as long as it dosesn't break the sppf rules of course!) Examples: Who is the president of the United States? My mom How do you drive a car? By pushing it off a cliff Have fun
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    Which of the above two signatures would win in a fight?

    Inspired by ''Which of the above two avatars would win in a fight?'', simply look at the above two posters' signatures and tell which of the two would win All forum rules apply Don't post if you don't have a sig, or a sig without an image. Be respecful to other's opinions Have fun
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    Rate the profile picture

    In this game you rate the profile picture of the above poster. You can see it by clicking that poster's avatar or click that poster's username and then "View Profile" and it's under that poster's username and caption. For example, mine is Neptune (at least currently) You can rate between 0...
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    King of the Hill

    You might remember this game. If you don't, here's how it works. There's a hill, and your goal is to take the hill and say "MY HILL". You can do whatever you want to steal it from the previous poster as long as it follows the rules. If "MY HILL" is not present in your post it doesn't count...
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    What if you were in an arranged marriage with the above picture?

    This was one of my favorite games on the forum... and it died out. Well I'll go ahead and revive it. In this game you post a picture of a character from an anime, video game or whatever, then the next poster tells whether he/she wants to be in an arranged marriage with that character or not...
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    Roll to Dodge Revived

    Roll To Dodge returns! Welcome to Roll to Dodge. In this game, you create a character and once we have about 8, we will start. Every time some kind of event happens and you have to pick a command for your character to prevent yourself to get into trouble. The last person standing wins. The...
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    I've returned from the dead

    You may remember me from the Games section of the forum. Vanillite1 is back with new action in the Games section. However, I'm now known as Superteletubbies64 in the majority of sites I've visited since I left the forums. I left the forums out of boredom and having lost my interest, but I...
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    Sonic the Hedgehog Discussion

    this is a thread about discussing the infamous blue hedgehog GOTTA GO FAST and its good and bad games *cough* sonic the hedgehog 2006 *cough* sonic boom:rise of lyric*cough* what's your favorite sonic the hedgehog game? sonic the hedgehog. the original. it feels superior to games of its time...
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    random pokemon face-off

    why did this game actually die? anyway, here's the random pokemon face-off, where 5 random pokemon are chosen and put in a face-off. just give a pokemon a +1 and a pokemon a -1 like in other face-offs. if a pokemon reaches 0 points, it's eliminated.the last pokemon standing wins. round 1...
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    use a pokemon move on the NP

    in this game you attack the NP with a pokemon attack. the NP responds with what happened and posts a new move. for example: poster 1: I use fire blast on the NP poster 2: I get incinerated I use rock throw on the NP poster 3: I avoid it I use ice beam on the NP the attack...
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    the worst thing

    in this game you state a subject and then the next poster states the worst possible thing for that subject and post a new subject example: poster 1: peace poster 2: war dry skin parasect poster 3: fire-type moves sonic games poster 4: sonic boom: rise of lyric potatoes...
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    most unlogical battle

    this game is simple, you post a pokemon who tries to use an attack which is going to fail and the next poster says why the move fails and posts another pokemon and attack example all sspf rules apply, no inappropiate reasons for an attack failing and have fun