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    My wannabe icons

    Well, I've been making some icons on GIMP lately, so I thought I might as well show you some of them. I warn you though, do not expect much from me, as I still have a lot to learn: Oh, I also made a banner. It's a wee bit plain though ): Well yeah. C + C is appreciated ;x
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    Pokemon Expedition

    Welcome! I'm your host, shiny_arceus, and I welcome you to: ~ POKEMON EXPEDITION ~ Well I'm pretty sure you know what an expedition is, so I needn't explain that. 15 members will participate in the expedition. This expedition is going to test teamwork, survival skills and bravery. The...
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    Rate my team!

    Ok here it goes: Garchomp@lum berry Adamant. EV:252att/212sp/20def/20sp.def Moveset: Outrage EQ Swords Dance Stone Edge/Fire Fange Offensive Garchomp. The point is to set up a swords dance and sweep. Lum berry wil help to: Quite obviously, to let garchomp use outrage twice and...
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    Shiny_arceus's fusion shop.

    Well I dicovered an art of mine, sprite fusing! Here are my first ones: Now that you've seen my works of art, I want you all to inspire me with ideas for more fusions. Also a little note: you may have noticed that most of my fusions are derived from shiny pokemon. Well that's just part of my...