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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    I recently caught a shiny scraggy. And It inspired me to breed for one. Because Scrafty tank r8ps with Drain Punch. So far I've hatched 48 eggs. Wish me luck. [Not MMing]
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    Fun/weird things that the Missingno glitch did to your game?

    Dude same **** happened to me man that old man gave me pokemares!
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    A Link To The Past

    Actually it was great bay that did it Lmfao
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    Need some help... Maybe UU

    Rofl! Ok for charizard run this set: Item: Life Orb Nature: Jolly / Adamant Moveset ~ Dragon Dance ~ Flare Blitz ~ Earthquake ~ ThunderPunch EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
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    A Link To The Past

    Oh god who cares hwo good your pokes are. Epic zelda nicknames cause automatic forefit of the opposing team. :D
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    The Quest for the Perfect Storm (A Sandstorm RMT)

    Hex can be ran on Jellicent with Will-O-Wisp.
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    5th Gen RMT

    thanks everyone for the feedback! i really am stuck on starmie though because everyone is telling me different things for it :[ should he have 252 hp or 252 spatk?
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    5th Gen RMT

    Sigh... Bump.
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    Rate my team [UU]

    6/10 try putting more thought into natures and held items. BTW you should check out my OU team! http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=527899
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    5th Gen RMT

    Still open for feedback, please!
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    5th Gen OU RMT

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    Team HydreRonaGross

    please post sprites or pictures...
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    5th Gen RMT

    bleh no help yet? :[
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    A 1st Generation Competitive Team?! Blasphemy!

    Lol this is gen 1 d00d
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    OU Sun Team

    I honestly think kingdra would tear your team apart. You need another sun inducer to balance this team. Preferabley a bulky one so that it can do some usefulness after setting up sun. I suggest this venusaur: Venusaur@Leftovers Ability: Chlorophyll Timid 252HP/252Speed/4SpD - Sleep Powder -...
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    5th Gen RMT

    desperate bump please some one respond!
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    Baton Pass [Needs help/modifications]

    could try salac berry on smeargle for more speed. or lansat in hope of lolhax criticals.
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    Versatile Sun Team?

    Changes in BOLD Over all good set with minor adjustments.
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    OU Sun Team

    what happens when tyranitar, abomnisnow, politoed, kingdra, etc come out and rapehax your sun away? :[ ninetails is sort of frail, and tends to die early on. what kind of strategy do you have yo keep her alive incase rain or sand comes in?
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    New. Rain Dance Team.

    A Ferrothorn couldn't hurt. Ferrothorn's already got 564257237 resistences. And rain would add fire to it. Could probably bail on kabutops or raikou for this, and, it's always nice to have some to set up entry hazzards. by the way you don't have a rapid spinner. :l you're team would get...