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    Answer the question with a question

    Just as the title says, You answer the following question by another question. Example is... Poster 1: Why did you made this? Poster 2: Because it is fun? Poster 3: Maybe you are bored? - All Sppff rules apply. - Don't post inappropriate things. - Have fun! So I will start...
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    Shingeki No Kyojin Discussion Thread

    The older one is inactive already, so I thought of making a new one! So Season 2 is coming this April, are you guys excited? How about in the manga? What's your reaction to... To manga readers, please put a spoiler tag if you will mention something from the manga so the people who is...
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    Which two Avatars would win in a battle?

    Heyyy welcome guys to my new game! It's similar to the game 'Which two sigs would win?' Blah blah anyways let's go!! Rules: 1. All Sppf rules apply. HAVE FUN GUYS!
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    NBA Face-Off!

    Its just the other face-offs gameplay, you raise a basketball team's number by 1 with a + and decrease a team's number by 1 with a -. Rules: -Sppf rules of course LETS START! First off is the Top 5 of the Western Conference Spurs: 16 + Warriors: 15 OKC: 15 Clippers: 15 Rockets: 15
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    Any release dates for the English version of BW2??

    Title says it all. I've been searching for the release dates but can't find it >< Anyone here knows??
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    DC vs Marvel Debate Forum

    You can share your opinions. You can argue with others (but no vulgar words please) So who leads in animation shows and movies, videogames, comics, toys and movies? For me Marvel leads movies, for now. For the others, I think DC owns them.
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    Pokemon Adventures Trainers Faceoff!

    Welcome to the POKEMON ADVENTURES TRAINERS FACEOFF! Tallyist(s): jginz1 ATTENTION!! I NEED ONE MORE TALLYIST! VM/PM ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED! NEW RULE!! To add a point to a character, add a + beside the character you gave a point to and a - beside the character you took a point from...
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    The Walking Dead Discussion Thread *spoilers*

    Feel free to discuss anything here about the Walking Dead! Since Season 6 is done, you can post anything, since almost all people had watched it already.
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    Playstation/XBox Videogame series Faceoff

    Playstation/XBOX Videogame Series Faceoff: Give 1 point to one of the series and deduct 1 from another video game, every series has 10 points and if a game series runs out of points. It is eliminated Rules (Updated): All sppf rules apply Strikes/Warnings: 1st: I'll give you a chance :3 2nd...
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    DC Superheroes Face-off!

    Winners: Justice League Winner: Batman Teen Titans Winner: Kid Flash Green Lantern Corps Winner: TBA The Flash Family Winner: TBA DC's Female Superheroes Winner: TBA The Batman Family Winner: TBA Well there is a Marvel one, so I thought to make a DC one. So here it is! Batman: 10...
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    If you live in above user's location..

    If you live in above user's location, what would you do? Rules: 1. All SPPf rules apply 2. Must be related to the location, unless if you don't know about it.
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    Shingeki No Kyojin Discussion Thread

    There's no thread about this, I guess few people here in Serebii watches it. Anyone here waiting for the Season 2?
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    Why it take so long to make a chapter?

    I thought at first, they discontinued the Pokemon Adventures but I found out they are still making it but it took so long like one chapter twice a week
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    Best Day of your life?

    Guys whats your best day of your life??? I know there will be some people its hard to choose. But pick one
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    Brendan25's Trading &Training Services

    Welcome to Brendan25's Trading &Training Services! 3DS FC: 2895-7891-8754/ IGN: Earl Rules: 1. All Standard Serebii Rules 2. Don't offer a weak Pokemon if I offer a strong one, vice versa. Pokemon/Items I want: A. Pokemon 1. Magmar 2. Chespin 3. Squirtle 4. Bulbasaur 5. Aron...
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    Before I was....

    an idiot here in serebiiforums. I know I can't post here but.... Even I'm here over a year I will post last time in Newbies Lounge I keep making threads on Newbie Lounge and always got it closed. The first thread I made was "Choose your starter!" I always double post and the first...
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    Just watched Pokemon: The Origins

    it was awesome even its not subtitled. It's really like an exact copy of the game Firered. It even got a save scene, where Red will save the game. I hope they will make the Heartgold/Soulsiver or Ruby/Sapphire movie! That would be great!
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    Samuru's Adventures

    Hey dudes! I finally have the energy to make another adventures! And I'm sure this will be a successful one! Enjoy it! Chapters: Pilot Chapter: Dude! What's that? Chapter 1: Pokedex? TBA Pilot Chapter: Dude! What's that? Samuru: "Abra! I know where we can train!" *Atlanta...
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    Ruby or Dia?

    You know this guys are both good. Ruby loves Pokemon contests. (He's strong but he won't use his pokemons on battles) Dia is a comedian. (Same thing as Ruby except the contests.)
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    Going to school or not?

    Well, it's obvious other people want to go to school cuz they miss their classmates and teachers but if they're in the school now they will say "I don't want to go to school! I wish it's weekend!" so that's the case. I really don't understand them.