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    Yu-Gi-Oh Mafia

    My Intro Welcome to my second mafia I will host here. Now this is an idea I had about 3-4 months ago on another forum that didn't take off. I am hoping for a decent number with this game, at least 12 people. The more people that play the more stronger actions there can be. Also don't forget...
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    Kingdom Hearts Mafia BBS

    My Personal Intro My original submission had a big write up which I didn’t save. The basic summary is... I am not happen with the games of this year most of the best games of last year mafia, UT and rumble have basically died. I have followed private forums of each of these games with the...
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    Pokemon Mafia- The Ancient War (I do have Fongermans Permission to post this)

    FULL CREDIT TO FONGERMAN FOR HIS BLESSING TO RUN THIS GAME! Also to the origional creator of Werewolves for some inspiration. For those of you that like to RP: You can choose any 5 pokemon to RP with in your party but they cannot be in the same evolution family as the roles to avoiding...
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    Noobish Question Need Help

    I am currently overseas. I am wanting to get either HG or SS. Any chance of me while I am near the Japan region for me to get the game in English? Help would be appreciated.