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    Shiny Pokemon- Should IVs Matter?

    Traders in X any Y, as far as I've noticed, probably ask for fantastic IV Shiny Pokemon about 95% of the time...and many people are tired of that. I'm not really big on whether it's amazing competitively, but I'm not complaining if I get a good Shiny stat-wise. Now, for my question- Do you...
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    Pokémon: The Black Seas Season 1 (PG-13)

    Pokémon: The Black Seas Season 1 (PG-13) This is my first fanfic. It is a PMD adventure with a twist. This first post is the Prologue. Hope you enjoy! (This has a PG-13 rating for violence and language.) Prologue: 100 years ago, a great flood swept through the world of Pokémon. The...
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    Would you help fix their Dex?

    Here's a question: if someone had a complete/ near complete Pokedex in one of their games, and had it deleted by accident, would you help them with donations? I probably would, because that happened to me once, so I know how it feels. How about you guys?
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    When You Battle With a Legendary Pokemon...

    Here's a thought: What would YOU think if you were the NPC's in the Pokemon games, face some random trainer, and all of a sudden: "Go, Giratina!" You'd freak, right!? How does some random trainer have a one-of-a-kind Pokemon, and use it against a guy with........Magcargo, for example...
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    Favorite Book Series

    Well, I must say that my favorite are: The Elenium Series Harry Potter Hunger Games Lord of the Rings Inheritance What are yours?
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    What Would You Do With That?

    Hi! This is a game where you take turns posting an item, then the next poster says what they would do with it, and posts their own item. For example: Poster 1: A Lugia Poster 2: Wipe out my friends house. An apple. Poster 3: Eat it... And so on. Rules: Normal SPPF rules...
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    What are your favorite TV shows?

    My top 5 and why are: Legend of the Seeker: Great storyline, fantastic cast, and original. The only problem is that is was DISCONTINUED! :( Survivor: Watched since this show started, and the original Survival show. Hell's Kitchen: Chef Ramesey finds great chefs, not-so great cooks, and...
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    Pokémon: Black Seas Season 1 Sign-up (PG-13)

    Pokémon: Black Seas Season 1 Sign-up (PG-13) Prologue: 50 years ago, a great flood roared through the land of Pokemon. Villages, forests and deserts all shared the same waters as it covered the world. No one knows what or who started it, but the water covered 80% of the land. For a few...
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    The Hunger Games Series: Catching Fire (Possible Spoilers)

    This year, on November 22nd, the second installment of the Hunger Games Series will be released in theaters. The best thing about it is: I've read the book; I know what happens; if you have any questions, spoilers, or predictions, post here. Let the games begin.
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    Red or Green Chile?

    Well, the name says it: Red or Green Chile? I mean chile peppers, not hot dog chile, lol. I like both, but I eat red more. I have green with eggs, and red on enchiladas, burritos, and eggs as well.
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    What is Your In-Game Rival's Name?

    I thought this was an interesting question, so I'll ask it. What is your rival's name? The first name i gave mine in FR was Brock, which kinda freaked me out when I hear Brock is the Champion. Not who I thought, lol.
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    Hardest Pokémon to Evolve

    Hardest Pokémon to Evolve What do you think is the hardest Pokemon to evolve up to? My top 5 are: Hydreigon (Lv. 64? Really? Thanks, Nintendo) Dragonite (Lv. 55) Chandelure (Took me forever to find that Dusk Stone) Hitmontop (Timing Tyrouges stats is harder than it looks) Any...
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    Do You Believe? (Aliens)

    I am starting a thread series called "Do You Believe?" I am starting with aliens. I believe in aliens, because of how many 'too similar to be a coincidence' reports, where compleat strangers see the same phenomenon, tell very similar stories, and have never had any contact with other witnesses...
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    Favorite and First Yu-gi-oh! Cards

    Tell everyone your favs and your firsts. My first is Cosmo Queen, and my favorite is Slifer. Your turn!
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    Rate my Tournament Deck

    Hey. I would like all the help I can for this deck. Give me advice/criticism, and I'll try to improve it. Thanks! (I will be editing/adding constantly, so bear with me) Extra Deck Cards: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon Number 40: Gimmick Puppet of Strings Heretic Sun Dragon Overlord of...
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    Rate my Online Battle Team

    My Black Pokemon Team: Emboar Lv. 68 HP 242 Attack 214 Defence 108 Sp. Attack 156 Sp. Defence 112 Speed 128 Flame Charge Brick Break Bulldoze Strength Heatran Lv.68 HP 204 Attack 146 Defence 165 Sp. Attack 181 Sp. Defence 157 Speed 101 Flamethrower Iron Head Bulldoze...
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    Poketalk with Mjunior

    Games, cards, shows, movies. You name it we'll talk about it.
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    Favorite Unova Pokemon

    Im reposting my closed thread, and want your opinion on the unova pokemon.I love reshiram, and its the reason I bought black sorry about the poll options. I didnt get it. Just say in your message please nobody wants to message their votes on this? lets vote people.
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    Favorite Unova Pokemon

    Hey everyone! This is my first post and wanted your opinions on the unova pokemon. I bought black just to have reshiram, but my bro got white. Any ideas for thrashing zekrom?