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    Pokemon Knowledge!

    Most people can recognise famous game characters like Mario and Luigi, so this got me wondering.... How much do people that dont play pokemon know? Does any of your family recognise famous Pokemon characters like Pikachu, Charizard or Mewtwo? Basically, if you asked your mum, dad, brother...
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    The Pokemon Chronicles According To Troy

    Welcome to my second fan fic, the first of which was closed, with good reason too. Any way, if you read it please comment, and on request a subscribers list will be put up. Alot of effort and time goes into this, enjoy. Prologue Roccori island... Is an island of the west coast of Kanto. It...
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    Nick's quest in unova

    Hi guys, this is my first fan fic so if any thing is wrong tell me i have read the rules and will abide by them so here goes. Prologue For generations people and pokemon have lived, worked, battled and played together. The traditional setup is that a trainer, who begins on their tenth...
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    Whats your best naturally bred pokemon? (RNG is not accepted)

    What is the best ivs or shiny pokemon you have naturally bred? Some things to remember(rules) 1.RNG is not accepted at ALL. 2.Do not overrun the thread with shinys (there are other threads fo this) 3.Do not spam 4.Questions are welcome as long as they are on topic. Mine is a treecko i...
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    Hello guys i'm new!

    Im PaddysTurtwigFanClub and im new here, i love turtwig grotle and torterra. I love shiny pokemon and hate when they are given for free! And even garchomp dosent deserve it...