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    ~Mario Kart Thread

    Different TV settings? Ah well, it doesn't matter in the end. I read performance is dependent on how many bars you fill. In turn, my favorite combination is weight class 7 / Sport Bike / Roller Tires / MKTV Parafoil. Horrible handing and off-road not to mention is that it has inside drift...
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    Biggest ripoffs you've seen at a store

    Don't compare what you buy online to the in-store price...it shouldn't count but still...
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    Aspects of yourself you dislike

    Being naive and too emotional.
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    "Real" or "True" Gamers

    You're a gamer if you play video games and have a passion for it which as proven already there are many reasons to fake it (usually to give someone on the other side of the world a hard-on). As for female gamers, I prefer them over male gamers because they always feel more bubbly and soft...
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    Stupid YouTube Comments

    And in response "Blue Shell!" and currently followed by "Super Horn!" I might not be a fan of his but wow, Pewdiepie disables the comments on all of his videos. I really don't care what he does but the video is moving and just proves how stoopid a massive sum of comments are.
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    ~Mario Kart Thread

    Lemonade, it went over all of your heads. Finally have 3 stars on everything but the 150cc cups, wish me luck. Anybody have a good combo they use?
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    amiibo Thread

    Any Nintendo character that has gotten a Japanese highly articulated action figure in their likeness I own (displayed I have Optimus Prime punching Mewtwo in the face). As a collector of action figures of course I'm excited but I'm more note interested in what the one for games outside of Smash...
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    Smash Brothers for Nintendo Switch (and others)

    The competitive scene is tearing the game to pieces. Two Villagers in doubles is fatal! Rush Coil removes Mega Man's hit-stun. Otherwise I'm enjoying the casual players on twitch.
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    Smash Brothers for Nintendo Switch (and others)

    Well, that direct made me scream with joy. Now I feel like screaming with rage. Why? WHY? Why are people complaining about Samus? The rocket heels look amazing. Who cares if her boobs are bigger? The game's being co-developed by Namco Bandai, what were you expecting? Other M this, Other...
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    Nintendo Direct Thread

    You sound like Iwata. Mixing up Capcom and Namco Bandai Bandai Namco? Not a good sign. Simple stuff as usual, really excited for X and Beyonetta 2 and glad we got more footage. Anyone upset that they didn't announce the wii****u yet?
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    Generation of Hate

    Because people pointing out things that are bad is funny. The Internet is as popular as it's ever been and that said people are able to voice themselves more frequently. I understand where your coming from (I feel horrible watching reviews where the subject is harshly criticized) but that's...
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    Stupid YouTube Comments

    pressfarttocontinue That is all...
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    What theme do you use for serebii forums

    I use the opposite...
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    Opinions that most people won't like/isn't mainstream

    1. Everyone should be treated with respect no matter how stupid they are 2. I don't mind Joe Quesada's work (though I won't lie that he has had a few hiccups) 3. I like DC's reboot despite the odd decisions 4. Skyward Sword is my favourite Zelda game And most importantly... 5. I DESPISE the...
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    Stupid YouTube Comments

    Question, what if the video was unintentionally stoopid? Speaking of which I know SourceFed's Anime Club can be really dumb but this is just pushing it. I hate the abundance of cussing in general.
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    Guilty pleasures

    Highschool DxD. Listening to videos and reading posts just to get mad is another one.
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    Official Wii U Discussion Thread

    A good handful I bet. On top of that, some DS titles are harder to come across. Developing a port and developing a brand new title require DIFFERENT skills. Wake up already! As a way to make a large sum I agree that more time should be invested into other titles but to earn a decent sum this...
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    Abridged Anime

    Ooh, abridged series. As expected, DBZ abridged is hilarious. Attack on Titan is right to the point which makes it amazing. My favourite abridged series though is Saint Seiya (here's episode one). It's fast, witty, and oh so good at pointing out the flaws.
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    The Worst Anime Plot

    I will agree with the blockhead and say Gurren Lagann's plot wasn't the greatest. The worst? No way, it knew its plot wasn't that strong! Before deciding you have to draw a line between good bad and bad bad. We need something with bad writing and bad execution. Beyblade and other toy...
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    I know there's the misfit post here and there so let me rephrase that, how does this position...

    I know there's the misfit post here and there so let me rephrase that, how does this position make you feel?