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    Evangelion C. Shift: You can (not) change fate (PG 14 - sign-ups)

    Introduction If you are reading this, then I will assume you already have knowledge of the Evangelion universe, so let's skip the pretense. This RPG is going to be, in a way, a piece of fanfiction. What I intend for this to be is a project similar to the Evangelion rebuild movie series...
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    I have my first real job this summer. I am working at The Great Escape, my local Great Escape-owned theme park. I work in food services, which, depending on which restaurant in the park they have me work in, involves such things as cooking and serving food, preparing food, and bringing things...
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    Anime: TV vs movies?

    So, anime is awesome. We all know that. But here's a question that's become very relevant, what with anime movies becoming just as popular in america as TV shows, such as dragonball Z and pokemon. We've had the Studio Ghibli movies, which have led the way for many dubbed series released in the...
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    Theme songs

    So, one of the best parts of any good anime is its theme songs. What are your favorites, and why? For me there are two: First, the theme to Neon Genesis Evangelion, because it's very energetic, and really works well with the show's atmosphere. Second is the first theme from FMA Brotehrhood...
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    Taking Back Hoenn

    Hi, all. The idea of this fanfic was originally an RPG I did, called Apocalypse Hoenn, which did well for a while but eventually failed. I decided it would be fun to try and write it as a fanfic. The story is a bit different than in the original RPG. Also, all of the main characters in this fic...
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    Childrens manga you still like

    We all have them. Manga meant for readers 7 to 12, read by readers 7 to 30. For me there's two main ones: Pokemon Adventures, the obvious one, as well as The First King Adventure, a really good(discontinued in US after vol 2) childrens fantasy manga. I still reread the two books of it I have...
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    Facial hair

    This is for the guys, obviously. Do you keep your face clean-shaven, mustachified, densely bearded? I keep a little hair on my chin and sideburns, but I'm cleanshaven otherwise.
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    Favorite Hayao Miyazaki film?

    If you don't know who Hayao Miyazaki or Studio Ghibli are, you have no right to call yourself a hardcore anime fan. Miyazaki's movies are the pinnacle of great anime, and his earlier works were among the first anime to be widely bought and enjoyed in the U.S, enough to spur on the English dubs...
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    Battle frontier teams

    What Pokemon did you use in the battle frontier? I made a team I used the whole time. Gardevoir Hariyama Sceptile Not a great team, probably why I never won any of the symbols. XD
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    Shaman King(here there be spoilers)

    Having just finished reading the Shaman King manga(the ending of which was the biggest manga copout I've ever read), I was wondering if anyone else here is a fan. So come and discuss the manga, spoilers are cool.
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    Among the islands(PG-13)

    Welcome, dear readers! This is going to be my first attempt at a continuing fanfic(my first time writing fanfic at all in 3 years), I hope it's enjoyable. This is the story of a young man named Ezekiel who, raised on Two Island of the Sevii islands, rises as a trainer among the islands...
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    Adapting RPGs into fanfic

    So right now I'm running an RPG that's heavily based around its story, involving the destruction of the population of Hoenn's mainland. As its progressed, I've started to wonder something: Should this be a fanfic? I'm considering doing this, really not sure if I will, but I thought I'd throw the...
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    Favorite Battle Frontier facility?

    The Battle Frontier is awesome, is it not? I remember spending countless hours trying to conquer it(I never beat a single Brain). I think my favorite facility is the Battle Pyramid. I always sucked at it, but enjoyed it endlessly.
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    Revolutionary Girl Utena

    Has anyone heard of this? I was at my freind's house today, and we watched a bunch of it, I'm now hooked. From what I understand, it's kind of a cult classic among more die-hard Shojo anime and manga fans(which I normally am not). This however, was actually really good! So anyone else seen...
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    Hoenn Apocalypse Discussion thread

    All OOC talk related to the RP should happen here. So...yup.
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    Hoenn Apocalypse

    It was early morning, only around 7:30, when Kai's alarm clock woke him up. He got out of bed quickly, woke up Maizy, his Snorunt, got dressed, and jogged downstairs, Maizy in tow. His mother was already up, cooking breakfast. "Hey, mom, you didn't have to get up. I know you had to work late...
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    Evangelion best moments?

    Okay, so if you're a hardcore anime fan, you've at least heard of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Hopefully you've watched it, or at least some of it. So, we all agree it's a very good anime, but what are your favorite episodes or moments? For me, it doesn't beat the 2-parter with the angel who's...
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    I'm pseudo-new

    Okay, so I've been on the site before. My old account was Psychic Master Iatos, but I lost the password for it, and the email I chose for the recovery service no longer exists. SO I made a new account! Dunno if anyone remembers me, prob not, but hi and stuff! ^^
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    Tegami Bachi

    Remember Tegami Bachi? It ran about a year and a half in Shonen Jump, and continues publication, vol 4 should be out soon. Anyone besides me still into this series?
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    Apocalypse Hoenn sign-up

    Sign-ups are currently closed. However, let me know if you're interested in joining, and I'll notify you if a slot opens. Hola all. I am an experienced RP writer, and I actually tried doing this same RP several years ago, under a different account. Just rejoined the forums here, and decided to...