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  1. J

    International Challenge (doubles team)

    Hey everyone! i am a VGC player (which is FLAT RULE DOUBLES) who just got a very high ranking in a global link tourney. easily top ten score, just they like to disqualify people because of rage quitting, even if the person actually didn't rage quit. if others rage quit on them, then you have a...
  2. J

    Here Comes the Storm! (VGC 2013 team)

    hello peoples! the last team i posted here was a complete failure... and so was I... >.> xD but i have become more experienced, even getting 12th in america (in the really cruddy system of global link tourneys xD) battling some tough battles. But the team i entered in a barely can say i made...
  3. J

    Club Double Trouble (a double battling community)

    WELCOME TO DOUBLE TROUBLE ( a double battling community) ! "Prepare for Trouble Make it Double!" (Credit to drizzleboy12 for the banner) ~WE BROKE 1000 POSTS~ This club is for the minority battle type! DOUBLE BATTLING! I believe we can all agree on this: we the people (double...
  4. J

    competitive double battle team

    I entered the autumn friendly (got 51st out of around 4000 people!!! =D) and it was a great learning experience for my on-growing knowledge of doubles. i learned that many pokemon i would never think of are very useful... after all my knowledge i gained, i have come up with this team: @ chesto...
  5. J

    Pokemon double battle competitive team! =D

    this is my second team i have made. after going through and batting in the autumn friendly (got 1826 woot woot!!!) i found many common teams, and common pokemon that my first team was week to. these are some pokemon that i think will do me well in competitive battling. sitrus Berry Icy wind...