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    Legend (PG-15)

    Let me start off by saying the idea behind this fic has been in my head for quite some time (almost a year), but due to me being busy with school, and working, and whatnot, I've held off really working on this. Now that I've had some free time lately, I've sat down, and worked on fleshing this...
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    Brothers or Sisters?

    Too lazy to search for a similar page, although i didn't see any on the first two pages. Anyway, do you have a brother or sister, and if so, how many? I have a younger sister.
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    Do you get headaches alot?

    Title says it all. If so, what are the primary reasons you get them? For me, yeah i get alot of headaches, and mostly from changes in pressure outside
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    ~ Flying Mono Team, Ou ~

    Ok, this is my flying mono team, i've tried to make it so i can stack as many entry hazards as possible, as well as shutting down other attempts to sr me, as i'm a flying mono, 1/2 my team is weak to sr, which is not good. So of course a spinner is highly appreciated, as well as a electric...
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    4th gen animated sprites

    I'm not exactly sure where this would go, but anyway, does anyone know where to get good animated sprites of fourth gen pokemon?
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    Pokemon:Kanto-The Revolution(PG-15+)

    Hello everyone, this is my first fic, and please enjoy it and feel free to criticize it. Disclaimer....I don't own pokemon, and the pokemon are the property of nintendo blah blah...the characters are mostly oc, and I think that is about it...oh, and thanks to Hiro, for coming up with one of the...
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    My UU team(competitve)

    This is my uu team, and it works rather well, however, I feel it can do better Magmortar-Choice Scarf Modest/252Sp atk/252 speed/6hp -flamethrower -thunderbolt -focus blast -overheat I use this as my lead to take my opponets lead, usually with overheat, plus pokemon can't trick the...
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    Pokemon Banks

    Does Anyone else think there should be some type of pokemon banking system for the games where you can transfer money between games or just store money for later usage? Discuss your opinions on this
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    rng abuse help

    I was looking up how to abuse emeralds rng, and wanted to know if anyone could explain it better
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    water hybrids

    since water types are the most common type, I figured why not make a thread so people can discuss their favourite dual type water pokemon my favorite would be quagsire then probably pelipper