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    Optical drive not reading CD's

    (Yes I know that I made a thread like this before, but it hasn't had any posts ) Whenever I pop in any CD-like thing(Be it a Wacom Installation disk for Photoshop Elements, or photos that my dad put on a CD) it won't read them, and prompts me to put a disc in, which is already in. I've put it...
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    DVD drive not working?

    Well whenever I put an installation disk of some sort (Printer, webcam, etc) it says to insert a cd/dvd in there, if I recall correctly, but there is already one in there. But whereas I put an installation disk, a movie or something works, such as Spongebob (Don't bash me, it was at the top of...
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    Windows Vista hardrive depleting or something..

    Okay, I got a computer 1 month ago.. Today morning, it was at 518 GB, now it's 515 currently.. I haven't done anything to downloading, to making new files, to etc..today.. Even if I did, 3 Gigabytes is a lot.. Is there a program to clean up my computer or something? I have been using the "Disk...
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    My scratch of メタナイ/Meta Knight.

    Crit please, and I apologize if I can't have a one sprite showcase. I used Golbat's wings.. Pretty sure this will be a die hard show
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    Newer/old banners and stuff..

    Please just let this die.. I will be back probably next month.. ★Rules★ •All SPPF rules apply here. •I'd like some C+C to improve. •If you want to use these feel free to do so, but please give credit and maybe PM me. • If you want these split to fit your sig, well too bad, do it yourself...
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    Meta's Sprites.

    I'm not the best spriter so I'm making a new thread so you guys can C+C my work or something and I might improve.I had an old thread that died because I wanted to make a whole new thread of newer sprites. Some sprites are just better versions of my old ones.
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    Steel Meta's Gallary

    First off some of them are bad/suck and ETC. Torterra, grotle, Tropius, bayleef. Salamence and Tyranitar. Latios, Darkrai magmortar, and Infernape My first lineless :D I learned how to do lineless by looking at lineless pics and i eventually learned by my own. My first Data scan thingy...
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    The Steel Meta's Shop.

    Welcome to The Steel Meta's Shop!Before you request I need you to follow the Rules. Oh yeah credit to GRIM for ripping all the Meta knight sprites i used from here: http://sdb.drshnaps.com/sheets/Nintendo/Kirby/NightmareInDreamland/Metaknight.gif *~Announcements~* I don't really do banners...
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    Theory on The 2 Tyrouge evos

    sorry if this has been made countless of times but i have something about hitmonchan and hitmonlee. Theyre named after famous kung fuishy people like hitmonchan is jackie chan notice the chan and hitmonlee is i think bruce lee. so yep thats my theory.and maybe in the future there would be more...
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    How old do you think Ash is and what lv is pikachu?

    I think Ash is 16 and pikachu i want to say lv 100 but he loses too many battles so i guess lv 30 maybe?
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    PMD2 did this game make you cry? - spoilers

    it did to me. the music and grovyle taking dusknoir with him.pretty sad sniff
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    SSBB questions

    answer these questions 1.What is your favorite charecter? 2.what is your hated charecter? 3.how many stages have u made? 4.what is your favorite SSBB stage? 5.What is your favorite melee stage (all from melee)? 6.who had the most ko? 7.How long have u played it ? 8.Best...
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    Worst battle ever.

    mine is that in stargazer colosseum a shiny blastoise popped up and i wanted to catch it but i couldnt sigh also there is another one. i hate those people who use double team i cant hit em so i always use struggle. it is so frustrating i feel like turning into hulk
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    shaymin normal form shaymin sky form

    Ok what would happen if platinum battled pearl. on pokemon pearl if u used ice beam on shaymin would it be 4 times the damage or 2 times?so yeah in pearl shaymin is just a grass type. in platinum shaymin is a grass and flying type.this is kinda like the deoxys thing but with different types. so...
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    Is pokemon ranch worth buying?

    I was wondering if i should buy poke ranch. I know it acts like a pc (u get to store 1000 pokes) so should i buy it
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    Super smash bros for wii shop channel?

    Is there any news for it and will it have a new wifi feature. i just wanted to play one of the things that started the best game ever
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    What would u do 2 make SSBB waaaaay better.

    I'm not saying its bad i would like more things in it. Like theres an item that makes ur b attacks better.like faster wario bike or higher b ups(go higher)More pokemon like infernape, blaziken,sceptile,aerodactyl who could be a mega meta knight,. there should be an eveloution item which makes...
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    If you had any pokemon in real life who would it be.

    I would want a charizard hes cool and he can fly me every where
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    If you had any pokemon in real life who would it be.

    I would want a charizard hes cool and he can fly me every where
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    New team team aquablaze rescuing and recruiting pmd2

    sign here if u wanna join leader:Metamence(me) members: co-leader: All SOS Mails, A-OK Mails, and Thank You Mails should be posted like this: ***** ******** ***** ***** ******** ***** ***** ******** ***** Team Rules: 1. No Spamming. Spamming is when you post your rescue in...