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    Kanto Journeys (PG-13): RPG Thread

    KANTO JOURNEYS: THE RP THREAD Plot of RP Accepted Characters 1. Treespyro - Stephanie Holiday - Grass / Contests - Koffing 2. *Jean Grey*- Mikaela LeBlanc - Red / Contests - Gastly 3. Daylight - James Bridge - Water / Events - Female Nidoran 4. GoldenHouou: - Emil Shields -...
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    Kanto Journeys (PG-13)

    Oh dear, it is Treespyro with another RP. Well I did want a generic trainer-esq RP that would work. Anyway I hope this one garners a lot of attention even though it would be pretty bland with its plot. Why is it PG-13. Well you will have adult references, alcohol and a tiny bit of violence...
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    Red, Gold, Ruby and Pearl? Pokewhat? (Discussion)

    Approved by Kamotz Since we will be basing it exactly on the game, I decided to put this in because it is very important. Players: 1. Alicia Carter - Treespyro 2. Raven Miranda Creeley - Innerflame 3. Helen Seeley - Ysavvryl 4. Azu Waizo - Slipomatic 5. Maverick Jackewicz -...
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    Red, Gold, Ruby and Pearl? Pokewhat? (RPG Thread)

    Red, Gold, Ruby and Pearl? Pokewhat? (RPG Thread) PG-13 Red, Gold, Ruby and Pearl? Pokewhat? THE RPG THREAD Plot Evil Generic Professor So my diabolical evil scheme has worked. I have managed to get a portal through to some different dimension. I know that technological media is a...
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    Red, Gold, Ruby and Pearl? Pokewhat?

    Alright the name could be better. It is PG-13 with I guess some mild swearing and some adult humor however it is pretty tame. PLOT It was a sunny summer's day at Bacall High school except it was actually night. The professor who was banned from the school found his way back in. He was...
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    The Battle of Time (PG-13)

    [B]This is my first ever RP that I will be doing. So yeah lets try this.[/B] The Battle of Time (PG-13) With hints of adult themes, violence and other themes Plot History….it is defined as the discovery, collection, organization, and presentation of information about past events. Time, it is...
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    Claim TV Show/Movie Thread V2

    Granted permission by Profesco to re-create it after well It was untidy. That means basically that if you had a claim before in other thread, it is wiped out, sorry. Claim a Movie/TV Show Thread V2 Rules 1) Use the Form otherwise a strike 2) Don't pester me as I have a life and I will...
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    2009 Motorsport Thread

    It was supposed to be done earlier but due normal stuff. I had to pull it back Anyway some headlines - Diffusers legal in F1, RBR and Ferrari in process of making one - Chinese GP soon with rumors that all teams will be running KERS - Casey Stoner canters to easy win in Qatar (Moto GP)...
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    Serebii Grand Prix Racing Sim

    This is pretty simple, It is a simulation based on the F1 season of 1996 (Don't ask) Everything is even and It goes for a while, so being committed pays off, There is 3 drivers per team (2 main and One Test), Test Drivers are just as important as the make the car better. There are...
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    Tennis 2009 Season (ATP and WTA)

    Yeah this thread is for the Game of Tennis, Both ATP and WTA Currently the Brisbane Open, Hopman Cup, Auckland Open, Chennai and Doha Open are taking place Anyway this is where you talk about the game of tennis and predictions, Reviews and just tennis itself We will start up a game that...
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    Favourite Sporting Moment of 2008

    Here is a poll on what you might think is the best moments of 2008 Whether it is Usain Bolt's Bolt or even The Wimbledon match for the ages, 2008 provided many moments that will never be forgotten So the Poll will have many choices, though The choices are explained with corny titles...
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    007 James Bond Topic

    Here is the topic for James Bond 007 created by the late Sir Ian Fleming which has spawed 22 films and many actors' careers Created in 1952 and finally released in 1953 in the Book Casino Royale and after Ian Fleming's death, The movies finally came We had 6 Bonds Sean Connery...
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    The Trivia Game

    Simple I post 10 questions and you have to answer it, without Wikipedia or sources would be great but we know people will just use it One Answer for one Question per user E.g. What State is Sydney in In this example only one user can answer it but they can't answer another question...
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    The Aussie Club

    This is the Club for all Australians about the Great Southern Land, to talk about the happenings in Austraila. I am surprised that we don't even have a Club, Since there are many Australians Here. We could do the AFL Dream Team, Tipping and many fun activites as a Club. Right Here in the...
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    The Tennis Club

    Well The Sport that is played most in the world followed by Football, Anyway The Tennis Club is basically Tennis, So that is self-explaintory Rules 1. Standard SPPf Rules and Club Rules. 2. No spamming, bashing, or flaming 3. No One Liners I can't stress that enough 4. Double Posting is a...
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    The Motorsport thread

    This is the thread that is all Motorsport From Alonso to Dixon, Rossi to Loeb, Scuderia Ferrari to Ducati and so on Everything Motorsport belong here including Moto GP and Superbikes Anyway In F1, there are rumors that Fernando Alonso will join Honda in 2009 as well as Sato could be...
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    Pokemon Racing Manager

    I will explain the Rules based on the F1 In this basically I am giving more control to the users. A user can sign up to be an owner and make decisions like Drivers, Pit Strategies, Testing, Building for the future and Sponsership for example Team Owner: In the beginning One User if allowed...
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    You havent's got a welcome yet.. Hey..have Fun..Follow Rules and Post around Yep i am the 1st
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    The King of The Iron Fist (Tekken) Club

    This the club of The Fighting Franchise Tekken which is exclusive to Playstation and Arcades. You can discuss the Previous Games, Characters, Tekken 6 and even the two movies.. Tekken: The First 3D Fighting Franchise which has become one of the most top selling Franchises in the world. Always...