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    Previous regions.

    So I was thinking that since the Pokemon writers are finding it hard to come up with new stuff, that maybe after this season that Ash and Co should travel back to a region after he has explored the whole of Unova and lost the league? (Kanto would make the most sense). Although it wouldn't be the...
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    The NBA 2k thread.

    This thread is for any NBA 2k discussion. It could be old games or it could be upcoming games for the NBA 2k series, whatever the case this is the thread to talk about it. However, remember it is strictly NBA 2k, not NBA live or so fourth. I may as well start off and. NBA 2k12 is expected to...
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    Ugh.... Dogs ate my discs?

    Yeah ok so I lost my discs for wi-fi and for my sony ericsson w610i to instal the software on the computer. I did have it installed before. But we got a new computer and I lost just about everything. So I was wondering a couple of things. I have tried downloading the wi-fi set up thing of the...
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    did johto got ripped of

    well here we are again. 4 seasons into pokemon and we have kanto,johto,hoenn,sinooh. and each have come with great pokemon and great adventures. but did johto get ripped off. i mean we have a couple of things here to base it on competetive battling: they have a few like...
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    RM unusual BT ( undefeated 73-0)

    this is for singles and doubles and when i am bored for mixed doubles. also note i dont ev train just because i want it to be harder. my start is usually sceptile sceptile @ nothing (feel free to tell me something) Nature= calm x scissor leaf blade dragon pulse aerial ace now x...
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    rate my future wi-fi team!!!

    spd= speed , spD= special defense. ( lol just thought people would get mixed up. Lucario @ life orb Nature: adamant ability: Ev spread: 252 att, 252 spd, 4 hp Moveset: -swords dance - aura sphere/ close combat -extreme speed - earthquake now lucario is my physical sweeper. i have...
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    rather new at this

    hey i am rather new at this. and since i am going to be competitive for know on i thouhgt i should ask for some advice. so far this is my team. feel free to suggest different pokemon if you want to. also adding different items would be cool. so far i got this lucario@life orb stead fast...
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    pmd2 pro's and cons

    ok well this is a thread to discuss pokemon mystery dungeon darkness and time pro's and cons i am only going to say one and thats when you enter a dungeon u have to give the item to some one then when you leave and enter another one you have to give the item back. so what are the pro's...
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    will this stuff up my game if i......

    will this stuff up my game if i buy i game shark and then use thta on my emerlad. and trade my hacked pokemon from ruby to fire red. because i will only use it to get the impossible things. e.g. lugia, ho-oh,jirachi,deoxsys/ so on. so will this stuff up my game
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    tryanitar worth tha weight?

    hey i was wondering is t-tar worth the weight i mean. he is one of my favourites but i hate his ability my team consists of this hericross,venusaur,ninetails,jynx,snorlax/nidoking so i cant negate his ability. but is there anyway i can like make him stop him from using it so that he can be in...
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    ok so what should i do again???

    ok so this is my team and i sort of no the natures but if you could help with every thing it would be good e.g. ev's, move set ( for ingame not competive just incase you got lost) and natures. this is my future team, hitmonchan,hericross,snorlax,poliwrath (any good???), venusaur and...
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    movesets for my butterfree and vileplume

    hey....... i was just wondering if you guys could give me advice on my butterfree and vileplume. first off is butter free: timid nature (what iv's should i get spd and sp att?) toxic sleep powder stun spore psychic is that any good? any suggestions and for vilplume i dont no what...
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    in bit of a pickle

    hey i am currently up to lt surge on my leaf green i have encounted a pickle. on my team is chamrleon, pikachu and pidgeotto and i want a ground type and water type. the choices for ground are dugtrio and gravellar. i have got both at them at lvl 30. and i cant get a golem to after the...
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    sign here if you have encounted and/ or caught a shiny!

    hey so it's just like the title says have you encounteded and/or caught a shiny. well with 300 hours on fire red you would of thought i have seen a shiny. and yes i have but it was before i got pokeballs so it didn't count. haven't seen one yet lol.... so have you's caught or seen a shiny
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    your opion on golduck

    hey what is your opion on golduck. my opion is that he is pretty decent with good moves e.g. phycic, surf, ice beam. i always try and add him to my team no matter what. so what do you think of golduck? oh and for the options you can just mean one thing. e.g. for the ffirst option you...
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    your opion on golduck

    hey what is your opion on golduck. my opion is that he is pretty decent with good moves e.g. phycic, surf, ice beam. i always try and add him to my team no matter what. so what do you think of golduck?
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    how far are you into the game?

    hey i'm golducks number one fan. care to test that statement. any ways i'm just wondering how far are you into the game. it can be at the start of the game or to where you are catching pokemon for your dex. so far i'm up to mt. moon. i just restarted and i have; charmeleon=lvl 18 pikachu=...