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    Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Recent Happenings Thread

    So amazed with what Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire have turnt out to be. I love the new dexnav or whatever it is. Very handy and just makes the game more enjoyable for myself. I also like the exp share and how it has continued on from X and Y. I haven't played through X and Y yet, only at the...
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    The Official FR/LG Recent Happenings Thread - Fresh Edition

    Leaf Green: Still training on island one but haven't chosen my sixth team mate. In a tussel between Magmar and Onix now. I really want to use Onix but his base attack is just atrocious, something I really wouldn't care about but Magmar is a pokemon I like better, although I have used him before...
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    The Official FR/LG Recent Happenings Thread - Fresh Edition

    Leaf Green: Training my team up on island one with those martial artists near the spa. Trying to train to level 46 with everyone needing 3 or 4 levels to get to that point before I continue on to get my 8th badge. I also need to figure out a 6th team mate but it's rather hard when I have a lot...
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    Official R/S/E Recent Happenings Thread - Fresh Edition

    Accidently lost all my games so I bought one copy of every game and deciding to go through with each starter and a different team each time and complete the game then just leave it so every game is completed. Obviously this works for Ruby/sapphire/Emerald well because three games= 3 different...
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    Starter Speculation/Discussion Thread

    So stoked Chestnaught turned out to not be part dark. To me it just looked like a warrior from the start. It's design looks a bit weird to me but I completely understand it with it's whole protector of the forrest gimmick thing happening.
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    Starter Speculation/Discussion Thread

    I would rather Froakie be water/fighting than water/flying mainly because imagine a Froakie with close combat or high jump kick. To the more serious point though, is anyone else hoping Fennekins line turns into a fire/fighting just because 99% of us are sure it's fire/psychic. I think it would...
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    Dex Speculation/Discussion Thread [READ THE FIRST POST FOR UPDATES]

    I never thought of the Axew line as dinosaurs, although I guess it makes some sense. Yeah I know that about Charizard, and I totally agree with that part but mega Charizard could of surely been part the dragon line!
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    Dex Speculation/Discussion Thread [READ THE FIRST POST FOR UPDATES]

    Get over it? Oh wow. If I can't ask questions then I may as well not post again.. I never said his typing isn't cool, I just said doesn't really make sense. Regardless it's actually like a 70-30 favor of Tyrantrum clearly. Everybody is frothing it (and rightfully so) so don't tell me it's the...
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    Dex Speculation/Discussion Thread [READ THE FIRST POST FOR UPDATES]

    That's what I was kind of thinking but like Flygon and Altaria I don't really mind, just seems really weird! I hope no one hates Aurorus! It is also looking to be different and unique and I like it. Gen 6 is just the best thing invented since sliced bread.
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    Starter Speculation/Discussion Thread

    Probably the way to go I reckon. Froakie I reckon would be better as a mixed attacker than rather a full on attacker. Fennekin looks like he would benefit with both specials being high as well.
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    Dex Speculation/Discussion Thread [READ THE FIRST POST FOR UPDATES]

    I am a bit late to the fossil party too. Can someone tell me why is Tryantrum part dragon? It's dinsosaur so I suppose the reptile thing could lead to a dragon but it just seems completely stupid to me as it still isn't really a dragon. I don't want to be one of these people because I know there...
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    Zangoose Or Seviper!

    Originally I liked Zangoose better but now that I like the more unique Pokemon (well generally) and have thought about Seviper I do like it more. Same goes with Shiftry and Ludicolo. Loved Shiftry, watched the anime found out how cool and unique Ludicolo kinda was and liked him more.
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    X ____ / Dirt Hits and Guard Spec. Who actually uses them?

    Played since Pokemon Red and never have I ever used one! I feel why use it when you could just do more damage with the extra turns. For example if I use an X attack on my treecko and used Pound and it did 13 damage, I could do more (about 20) if I did 2 hits and take less damage.
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    Dex Speculation/Discussion Thread [READ THE FIRST POST FOR UPDATES]

    I've been saying this since the start. So much hype around Sylveon and a movie makes me to believe there is no second type. Then again we have seen the two legendaries, mewtwos new forme, the starters and sylveon. Still over 100 pokemon to go (maybe).
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    The Pokemon Questions Thread Again!

    He was pointing the the stupidity or even irony. It was like Electrode not having an electric attack level up move until fr/lg/r/s/e. However I don't think it's weird. Some ghosts are of just different levels, like not all ghosts can do the same as eachother. Well atleast that is how I imagine it.
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    Most Hardest Final Dungeon and Antagonist in all PMD Story Modes?

    Dialga was somehwat easy for me. If it didn't use roar of time I would have sweet it in, but luckily it missed once giving me another turn to kill it. Sky tower is easily the worst, those Aerodactyls with ancient power are stupid. What idiot thinks that it would be smart for a monster house full...
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    "Unloved" Pokemon

    I feel Flareon is pretty unloved especially being a eeveelution. It's poor moveset to go with the stats it has makes it a little bad I understand but come on it's still decent. I feel every other Eeveelution except maybe Leafeon is loved more.
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    The Official FR/LG Recent Happenings Thread - Fresh Edition

    So I bought all the five GBA Pokemon games to play because I would rather them on a ds console than a computer and I decided to start off with Fire Red. I already have planned teams in a way to get the most Pokemon I can (I think I miss out on Mew, Celebi, Jirachi and Deoxys). Anyways I started...
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    Starter Speculation/Discussion Thread

    I have to agree (except not liking Meganium! What!). There designs have so much potential to be more and probably be more than just the pure fire/grass/water. I would love them to stay the same though.
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    Pokémon - Mewtwo Form - UNCONFIRMED + Dream World Catalogue

    I guess you haven't seen the other picture hey.