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    Is Ash's Krookodile overrated?

    Hi, I hope you've had a wonderful christmas :). I'd like to ask your opinion about whether or not Ash's Krookodile is overrated as a battler. I personally think it is a bit overrated. I think it is certainly strong, but I think it's not as close to Ash's GPICCS as some people seem to think. I...
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    Why does God allow suffering?

    Hi, this is a thread where you can debate about suffering. Main question is why does God allow it? Of course, if you don't believe in God it's hard to say, though. But anyway, here you can share your thoughts with everyone and feel free to share your opinions about other's statements and...
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    Duel Masters

    Does anyone here play Duel Masters anymore? I know there's Kaijudo but I haven't played it; only Duel Masters. I didn't play Duel Masters for years but my new friends told me some months ago they play Duel Masters so I took my cards and restarted playing. I think it's still a good and cool...
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    Do you have any kind of mentor in your life, or even several ones? When I say mentor, I mean an adult person you admire, you trust and you can talk about things that bother you. I have two priests which are definitely like mentors to me. Both are really nice, I trust them and there aren't...
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    Pixar thread

    Hi, you can talk about Pixar and it's movies in this thread. You can talk about anything that has something to do with Pixar, as long as you don't bash. I'm a big fan of Pixar, and I've seen every Pixar film except Monsters University (and I will watch it sooner or later). With the exception...
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    Marvel thread

    Hi, you can talk about Marvel in this thread. You can talk about it's characters, movies, comics, TV shows etc.
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    Favourite battles

    What are your favourite battles in Pokemon?
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    Your favourite Gym battle

    What's your favourite Gym battle? Mine is Ash vs Blaine (rematch).
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    Pokemon anime's lack of darkness

    Pokemon anime has had it's share of dark moments, but overall it's not that dark series. Do you think anime should be more dark in future?
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    Filler episodes

    Which region in anime had the best filler episodes in your opinion? I think Kanto had the best fillers. Usually I'm not a fan of fillers but I loved Kanto's fillers. They were usually very funny and entertaining. One good example about Kanto's great fillers is "Island of the Giant Pokémon".
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    Ash's Squirtle's fate

    We haven't seen Ash's Squirtle since Ash vs Brandon episodes. And while it's confirmed that Charizard will return in N saga, there hasn't been any merchandise or anything else that would imply that we'll see Squirtle again. So do you think we'll see Ash's Squirtle again someday, or do you...
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    Barry, Bianca or Kotetsu?

    As we all know, Barry, Bianca and Kotetsu are all comedic and clumsy rivals. So who's your favourite out of them? My favourite is definitely Barry, he's just so funny and great character, and he and Ash are great friends.
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    Your favourite Ash's Pokemon?

    Who's your favourite Ash's Pokemon? My favourite is Charizard, because I love it's personality, story, character development and it's a huge tank. And many of it's battles are awesome ones. Now I will tell you the rules of this thread and I expect you to respect and follow all of them...
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    Your favourite Paul's Pokemon?

    What is your favourite Paul's Pokemon? My favourite is Electivire because it's really cool and I really like it's personality. And it's Paul's most focused Pokemon.
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    Ash's strongest Pokemon?

    Who's in your opinion Ash's strongest Pokemon? I think Ash's strongest Pokemon is Charizard because he has many awesome achievements, like defeating 3 of Gary's Pokemon and Articuno. And he trains hard and becomes stronger all the time in Charicific Valley. Now I tell you the rules of...
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    TMNT 1987 series and TMNT 2003 series

    Which TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) cartoon do you prefer: 1987 series or 2003 series?
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    Ash's father

    Who do you think is Ash's father? Is he some character we know well or someone we don't know? I personally think it's someone we don't know.
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    McDonald's vs Burger King

    McDonald's and Burger King are propably world's two most popular fast food restaurants. But which one you prefer? Burger King is good but I think McDonald's is a lot better. McDonald's is in opinion the best fast food restaurant.
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    Best Rambo movie?

    What's in your opinion the best Rambo movie? My favourite is First Blood. It's so exciting, deep, cool and excellent action movie and one of my favourite movies too.
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    Your favourite Ash's grass type Pokemon?

    Who's your favourite Ash's grass type Pokemon? Mine favourite is definitely Bulbasaur. He's so great, interesting and cool character. He looks awesome too. He's my favourite Pokemon ever after Charizard. PS. I deleted earlier thread and I made a new because I forgot to put Leavanny to earlier...