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    The Team (Ruby)

    Marshtomp Lv.37 Trait: Torrent Nature: Bashful Strength Rock Tomb Mud Shot Surf Kadabra Lv.46 Trait: Synchronize Nature: Rash Psychic Shadow Ball Recover Shock Wave Swellow Lv. 33 Trait: Guts Nature: Docile Fly Endeavor Steel Wing Quick Attack Ninjask Lv. 36 Trait...
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    My Soul Silver team.

    I just beat the Cerulean Gym. This is my team- Lugia Lv.50 Nature- Brave Item- N/A Extrasensory Surf Hydro Pump Aeroblast Pidgeot Lv.38 Nature- Docile Item- Sharp Beak Twister U-Turn Fly Quick Attack Kangaskhan Lv. 44 Nature- Docile Item- Silk Scarf Outrage Strength...
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    Rate my teams (Ruby/FR)

    Current Teams: Ruby (At Victory Road) Sceptile LV 51 Ability: Overgrow Fury Cutter Pursuit Leaf Blade Quick Attack Swellow LV 36 Ability: Guts Fly Endeavor Steel Wing Quick Attack Linoone LV 33 Ability: Pickup Strength Surf Rock Smash Thief Regirock LV 49 Ability...