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    What do you think of people who are so called elitists? By this I mean somebody who frowns upon other people who don't live up to certain standards that they themselves usually set. Some of us may think of elitists as some kind of classy intellectual who wears a monocle and attends fancy...
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    Is Pokemon manly?

    In essence, would you consider Pokemon to be a manly game? When you strip away all the civility and niceness of the game, you basically have glorified cage fighting taking place on a daily basis. Look at the Fire, fighting and steel types, I would dare say those are types worthy of being called...
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    English Only Laws

    In today's western world we are very multicultural. There is no one group that dominates the ethnic makeup of America (as well as Canada, Australia and some countries in Europe) With the advent of the immigration wave of the late 19th and early 20th centuries there was an influx of many people...
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    Do you like where you live?

    Simple question, do you like where you live or do you want to get out as soon as possible? And why do you like or not like the place you live in? Things to be considered include: Activities, general culture and attitudes, jobs/opportunities, things to see (E.G. nature, monuments, etc.) I...
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    What did you get for Christmas?

    So now that Christmas is behind us, i'm sure we've gotten an array of items that will bring us happiness as well as some that will just take up closet space. So I got (in order of most useful,wanted) Pokemon Soulsilver (yay now I have both of them) 50 dollars A basketball A Flashlight...
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    Funeral Protesting

    For those of you who have heard about Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas. You probably have heard about their funeral protesting where they go around to military funerals and hold banners saying "Thank God for dead soldiers" and "God hates America" (Keep in mind this is the same church...
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    Overbearing Parents

    What do you guys think about overbearing parents? I'm talking about parents who are constantly or frequently trying to control their kids every move. Parents who tell their children who to eat, act, play, etc. I don't believe that its wrong for a parent to guide their children and show them...
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    Advertising- Oh Noez We're Becoming Robots!!

    ^ Sarcasm BTW Advertising, it is almost impossible to escape it now. It's all extending reach permeates movies, television, newspapers, magazines, internet and any other creative means that your mind can dream up. So, is advertising harmful to our society? Do you believe that it is...
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    What if you had to quit pokemon?

    Let's say that there was a law passed in the whole world that said you have to quit pokemon at a certain age like 18. How different would your life be? Would you still have the same life as before? Would you still yearn for all those crazy little pokes? Or would you be kicking and screaming as...
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    If pokemon could talk

    I know there are a few exceptions to this rule. But what if pokemon could talk to you. What kind of personalities would they have? How would they interact with humans? Would a Houndoom always have a dark and pessimistic view of life? While a Clefairy would be happy and sunny? Or would it depend...
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    War in Pokemon

    Let's face it. Compared to our world, pokemon is a near utopia. With no war, no murder. Of course there is always battling. But it is never as bloody and gory as some video games today. But say that there was a war waged in pokemon. Say that Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Isshu and any other...
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    Themes in Pokemon

    What do you guys feel are themes in the pokemon series? I'm sure there are many you can think of. What kind of themes are unique to each game? What kind of monuments, events, people, quotes, places support different themes in pokemon? Now themes are subject to interpretation and there are no...
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    Ever feel stuck in a rut?

    Do you guys ever get stuck in a rut, where pokemon starts to lose some of it's magic, when you go through a game and you just feel like you're button mashing. Don't get me wrong on this, I love Pokemon dearly and it is by far the best game I have ever played. But sometimes that boredom sinks in...
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    Quirks in Pokemon

    What are some things you guys do in pokemon games that may seem weird, meaningless, or even stupid. Things that you do out of habit or have done for a long time. For me, some of those things include: Making sure my team has balanced genders Not using the old gateau in dppt even though I know...
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    rock face off

    welcome to the rock face off my other face off is failing, so i thought this would be a good idea here you vote for your favorite rock pokemon i will post two pokemon at a time, you can only vote once every twelve hours, and i will have two co owners, anyone can ask at anytime in thread, and i...
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    the r/s/e color challenge

    so i have seen some challenges around and decided too start my own the r/s/e color challenge, it's pretty simple you play through the game only using pokemon of a certain color and you can use basically any color i will be doing one in ruby and i'll be taking up blue EDIT:OK i think the rules...
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    best serpentine pokemon

    ok i'm pretty sure theres not a thread like this already, so what's your favorite serpent/snake, for looks seviper because of all those markings battlewise steelix because of his type combo and his massive defense, so what's your favorite.
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    stones face off

    welcome to the stones face off here you vote for pokemon that evolve by elemental stones such as vulpix pikachu etc. and you can only vote once per day, how it goes is i post one catagorey of stones at a time, and i or one of the co owners will tally the votes once every three days, and i will...
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    emerald animation's or crystal animation's

    so which game do you think has better animation's crystal or emerald, i think crystal's pokemon animation's are a little better than emerald's, post away.
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    do you think this a good bf team?

    so um do any of you guys think this is a good battle frontier team slaking nature:adamant item @ brightpowder hyper beam earthquake slack off toxic swampert nature:docile item @ scope lens surf earthquake ice beam double team...